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Amber Deen: Newbie To The Slaughter

Amber Deen is Scottish and lives in Aberdeen. She’s 31, prefers small penises to big ones, likes dating 17-year-olds (drawing the line, in an unnecessarily picky way if you ask me, at 16-year-olds despite their legality), gets off big-time on having her body squeezed and pinched and pulled, and has never had rough sex. Which makes it all the more surprising that she agreed to this little lot:

- Vaginal fucking
- Physical domination & verbal abuse
- Spanking
- Squirting
- Deepthroat & face-fucking
- Choking
- Face-slapping
- Face-spitting
- Masturbation
- CIM & swallowing

Her interview’s a scream, her solo vid’s hardly your standard masturbation entertainment, and in her scene, she does indeed get pulled through the ringer. All of which is very all good and totally no bad. Alas, we have no second interview to present you with at the end of the week because I’m currently typing all of this in the depths of the French countryside and forgot that particular slice of footage back in the UK. When I get back I’ll dig it out and we’ll put it up.

We can however make up for this absence with the insertion of a young American by the name of Chloe Carter into our schedules, just for one day, this Saturday. And what a rebel she was. (I’ll stop now.) Never before have we met such a dedicated Daddy’s girl, and someone so relatively inexperienced who wanted the whole nine yards, no holding back. Plus this was going to be her very first anal scene. And what happened? My camcorder packed up, dead as a dodo, twenty minutes into the scene. And because she was going back to the US a couple of days later and had other things planned we couldn’t get back together with her. Fucking tragic. So on Saturday, guys, we’re going to be putting up her interview and her solo and the start of her scene and they are ALL worth watching. Shit happens, gotta live with it. But this one hurt.

Until next week, thanks for watching.



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Update 1104
Amber: too fuck-drunk for words
Type: Interview - After Fucking HD Video
Added: Apr 29, 2017 Duration: 3 min
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Amber: 134 sticky & smelly caps!
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Amber: “Make me have your baby, Pascal!”
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Amber: Newbie To The Slaughter
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Amber: fetish for being squeezed & pinched
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Amber: prefers little penises
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Amber: over 30, loves sucking teenie cock
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Introducing Amber Deen
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