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This one was a punt. Amy started doing porn at the start of the summer and Andy saw her pics and got in touch. We didn’t move forward with her though, despite her enthusiasm, because he didn’t feel she was sub enough. Or sub at all really. She was prepared to perform but that ain’t our thing.

Then I worked with her on another producer’s shoot, just vanilla stuff, and the bitch had a lot to recommend her. Man did she love getting fucked. And her pussy was one of the wettest I’d come across. AND she was a knockout to look at, easily the best-looking and toned 50-something milf on the scene right now. So we said why not? We’ve been getting quite a few emails from you guys saying you want to see more milfs and gilfs on the site, she came over my cock a couple of times when I shot with her, and we figured the really important bit -- shooting real sex, even if it was at the lighter end of things rather than hardcore slam-bang -- would be covered.

Ladies and gentlemen, we didn’t fuck up. Her interview’s really good, the solo scene a bit less so -- maybe she was a bit nervous but it looks like she fakes her orgasm. But the fuck scene’s a corker. She runs a home-delivery dry-cleaning business in it. Yesterday she kept me hanging around at home all day and never turned up to pick up my suit. Today I’m round at Andy’s, I've rearranged for her to come round today instead and she still hasn’t showed. So I’m getting a bit peeved and decide that I’m going to change into my suit and make her actually take it off me if and when she arrives. Along with the rest of my clothes as well if she’s as good-looking as I’ve been told she is.

She does indeed turn up. Andy hides in the office to secretly film things and it’s not long before a very embarrassed but very turned on Amy is kneeling down in front of me to slip my todger into her mouth.

I took this one slow, guys. She doesn’t get fucked black and blue. But she does respond much more than I thought she was going to -- especially the spanking -- and by the time she pulls her white knickers down the crotch is soaking wet from her excitement. She cums riding me, then I make her squirt for the first time in her life and make her cum a few times more by slapping the wand on her clit (again, an Amy first). And then at the end she swallows my cum.

It’s a great scene -- slow-burn and erotic. And if you didn’t know already, we’re giving away Amy’s fragrant and deliciously stained white panties in our competition this month. The deadline for entries is Monday November 14 (we’ve pushed it back a couple of weeks) and to enter all you need to do is have a look at Mea Melone’s scene and tell us which relation to my girlfriend Anita Vixen she is in it. And then send the answer to


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