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We’ve a double-wammy for you this week, guys. Top of the bill is the delicious Ashley Rider and we’ll have her uploads going up every day throughout the week. But on Saturday we’ve got an extra-special treat in the form of another scene from Alexxa Vice. More details on that below.

First though Ashley and here’s her bullet list:

– Physical domination & verbal abuse
– Vaginal fucking
– Orgasms
– Deepthroat & facefucking
– Spanking
– CIM & swallowing
– Masturbation with toy

Me, P and Ashley go back way back to a couple of shoots we did with her during my Television X days seven or eight years ago. She was great, really loving her sex and cumming both times. One of them was for a series called Bitch In A Box, which was pretty much the genesis of PSS – it wasn’t as hardcore but the whole sub-dom thing kicked off then. So it was a real pleasure to see her again after such a long time.

The solo’s great, with P filming Ashley using the wand and making herself cum a couple of times, and then they both really enjoyed themselves during the photo-shoot. The scene itself doesn’t quite take off though and that was down to us. We’ve had a strong run of really hard scenes recently and I don’t think we took sufficient account of Ashley’s preferences. There’s a difference between a girl who loves it rough and raw and demeaning and a girl who just loves a good hard fuck and Ashley’s one of the latter. Instead of stepping back from what we’ve been doing recently and coming at her from a slightly different angle, we just tried to push things the wrong way, doing too much face-fucking for instance at the start rather than giving herself the space just to really enjoy sucking P’s cock. We didn’t do anything that Ashley hadn’t given us the go-ahead to do but the scene just has the feeling of shoehorning someone into a standardized way of doing things and that isn’t supposed to be the PSS way. Could do better, will do better.

Alexxa Vice meanwhile – well, there’s really very little you can’t do with Alexxa Vice. And on Saturday, you can see an alternative version of the scene she did with us a couple of months ago. We’ve had some trouble getting our stuff sold to cable TV because it’s too rough. They don’t want any choking, any face-slapping or spitting, any marked bums, things like that. But that still leaves a lot you can show so we decided to shoot an extra, slightly softer cut with her and that’s what we’ll be putting up on Saturday. The start and end of the scene are the same as before but the action in between is totally different. And, as you’d expect, totally fucking hot.


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Ashley & Alexxa Vice: over 270 caps!
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Ashley: photoshoot rumpy-pumpy
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Ashley: polite
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Ashley: Rider by name, rider by nature
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Ashley: Scottish Bunny Needs A Firm Hand
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Ashley: can’t stop getting herself off
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Ashley: bouncy-wouncy fun-fun-fun
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Ashley: how big a hole can Andy dig himself?
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Introducing Ashley Rider
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