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Fuck me, the number of middle-aged whores who just wanna get rammed to hell and treated like dirt -- and they can't find anybody to give to them! First there was Missy Kink who'd never been done right, then Amber Rodgers. Now Bree steps up to the line looking to be completely used and abused. Apparently her boyfriend doesn't like domming her because he loves her too much. Pah! Let's have her.

We get her to play an unemployed, debt-burdened milf, desperate to land the job of being my personal assistant. Thing is, we give her a new name for the interview, see how well she takes to the kind of 'personal assisting' I've got in mind for her. Not 'Bree'. Not 'Secretary'. Nah, 'Cumdump' kinda fits her.

Then I just lay into her fierce and fast.


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Bree Branning, Debt-Burdened MILF, Desperate to Land a Job!
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Desperate Secretary, Bree Branning, Will Do Anything For Her Job
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Secretary, Bree Branning, Taught Who's Boss
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Bree's Cock Sucking Skills Improve, After I Skull Fuck Her!
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