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Devoid of any original ideas for a scene, we decide to copy everyone else and go for a casting. Ya-hey! Young Carly-Rae's bought the bait and duly arrives, full of bounce and enthusiasm. The gig's for a presenter of a teeny TV show but I don't let that get in the way of bending the fruity little 20-year-old to my will (and that of my saluting penis). And truth be told, the wench doth protest very little. It doesn't take me long to find out that she's a gusher. A bit of digit dancing inside her baby hole and bingo -- she's shooting her squirt out all over the place. In fact, her vaginal gymnastics are so entertaining that I continue the trick off and on throughout the scene, a scene which finds her on the receiving end of some highly energized and colorful rumpy-pumpy with all the usual perverted PSS trimmings.

(In real life, Carly-Rae is a student and a thoroughly cock-hungry little whore, having worked her way through, give or take, 100 dicks during her first year at uni. That’s some appetite. Find out more in her interview.)


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Carly-Rae: swallows 2nd cumshot
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Carly-Rae: 100 cocks in 1st year at uni
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Carly-Rae: Fake Casting 4 Student Squirter
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Carly-Rae: “I like the stuff most girls don’t”
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Introducing Carly-Rae
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