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We've just picked Carol up in a park. She was celebrating the anniversary of her hubby (George) popping his clogs by sprinkling flowers at the place they used to get jiggy. Sniffing the whiff of 'Slag Granny' in the air we've (very easily) enticed her back to Andy's flat with the promise of a little rumpy-pumpy.

No idea what kind of sex she gets off on but I don't care. Almost as soon as she's sat on the sofa she's spread her legs (hold-ups, no knickers) and started to frig herself. Whore. I tie my tie round her neck, I slap her face and spit in it, demanding that she carry on wanking. I order the bitch to suck my cock. She can't wait and gorges on it like she hasn't had any dick for years. Which she probably hasn't. Her face is covered in spit from me gobbing on her. And every time I spit on her she lets out a hungry groan. I start to fackfuck the whore hard and it's clear that she's not really used to it. Her face breaks out in an expression of extreme discomfort but she doesn't protest one bit, she's clearly getting off big-time on the way I'm treating her.

This is great scene, guys. Anal all the way and really rough, with Carol totally adoring our complete disrespect for her and cumming again and again.


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Not Carol: our 1st vid blog & compo!
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Carol: no cock big enough to fuck her bucket
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Carol • No Holes Barred 4 Slag Granny
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Carol: “Don’t you dare suck it...”
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Carol: fuck my pensioner sh*thole!
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Carol is very nervous & very wet
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Introducing Carol
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