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Cassie de la Rage is 29 and has never shot porn before. She didn’t get fucked till she was 20 because she was so committed to her piano studies. She got married, then got separated, then worked as a whore in a London brothel specialising in sub girls for over two years. After that she became a professional dominatrix, which she still is. But submission is in her bones. She's always dreamt of doing a porno and PSS is the only place she wants to play. She doesn’t leave anything off the list either:

- Physical domination & verbal abuse

- Anal & vaginal fucking

- Orgasms

- Deepthroat & face-fucking

- Breath play

- Squirting

- Spanking

- Face-slapping

- Face-spitting

- Masturbation

- Double penetration with toy

- Cum-in-mouth & swallowing

- Cumshot on feet

So, scene set – but does it deliver? Yes it absolutely does, all the way through, from beginning (by which I mean her interview) to the end (by which I mean Saturday’s video of the photoshoot, which was the last job we did with her on the day). The scene itself sees Cassie play an environmental health officer who comes round to tell me I’m being evicted because of all the noise we’ve been making with our scenes. She’s really snooty and she really rubs our nose in it. It turns out however that if Pascal agrees to fuck her – and basically be her sub – then she’ll let us off. Unbeknownst to her, I’ve been recording the whole thing on the camcorder (you’d be a little disappointed in me if I hadn’t) and we're able to swing the tables round on her.

It wasn’t just a fantasy of Cassie's to do a porn shoot. It was also a fantasy for her to play out a naturalistic scenario in which she’s made to fuck, through blackmail and physical force. She wanted to be conquered and broken, and P’s unforgiving brutality of her in the scene totally does it for her.

But don’t just watch the scene, because if you do you’ll be missing out on so much more. Throughout the week’s updates she changes.

We began the day with her interview. She’d arrived early, excited but nervous. But when she came out from putting her ‘costume’ on and doing her make-up it was like she’d put her armour on. Like I said, Cassie is, under a different name, a full-time dominatrix. And this is the Cassie you get during the interview – she slightly tilts her chin up to look down at you and pinches her nostrils like you stink. But the stuff she’s talking about? It’s the total opposite, and it’s fascinating – being mesmerised by stuff on TV when she was seriously young that were all about being weakened, incapacitated and dominated, which at the time she couldn’t attribute any sexual ingredient to because she didn’t know what sex was; being attracted to men she finds repugnant, almost to the total exclusion of others, and fantasising about having to submit to them; and how she'd wanked to the prospect of shooting for PSS, not just because of the rough sex and being filmed for the first time, but because she was entering into a contract for which she’d be paid a relatively small amount of money, in return for being publicly fucked in all three of holes and having to relinquish all control over the footage and pics.

So then we shot the solo and she’s relaxing a bit but she’s not sure she’s going to be able to cum. So we put the camcorder on the tripod and leave her in the lounge on her own. It works. She takes her time, it’s really erotic, and she explodes. After she knocks on the office door to tell us she’s done, I get her to read out the main clause of her model release, which states that she has no rights to the stuff we’re shooting. You can see how much it turns her on. Then when she’s finished P steps in, roughs her up really hard, out of the blue, slapping her, choking her, then stops as quickly as he started. Now she’s ready.

She loves doing the scene and she’s on cloud nine during the second interview, but the vid we recorded of the photoshoot really is the icing on the cake. She’s totally P’s SubSlut now. He fucks her face hard between pics, fucks her cunt and arsehole hard between pics, I get her to fuck him really slow during the cowgirl bits, and it just builds and builds and builds till the last position, doggy, when he just destroys her again and she cums one last time. And then she just wants him to use her to get himself off, which he does, cumming again, this time on her toes.

So whether you’re watching this stuff live, day by day, or you’re coming to it a couple of years down the line, then do watch the vids in sequence. We’ve never had the sequence of interview, solo and scene work so well before. Cassie de la Rage, for all her dom demeanour at the start, is one of the purest subs we’ve ever shot, and the unravelling of her, layer by layer, is one of the most erotic portraits of a submissive woman we’ve ever shot.


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Update 896
Cassie: over 250 hardcore caps!
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Cassie: one more orgasm + foot cumshot
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Cassie: lots of juicy outtakes
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Cassie: this arsehole was made for cumming
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Cassie: Queen Bitch Gets Annihilated
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Cassie: dreaming of violence
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Cassie: photoshoot makes her drip
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Update 888
Cassie: loves being fucked by disgusting men
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Introducing Cassie de la Rage
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