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Chloe Carter: Sin City Lass Comes Up Craps

There are times when myself and Dr. P are energized and captivated by a young, (in this case, 19 year-old) aspiring PSS newbie who is excited and eager to explore the sub/dom world. From across the pond in the U.S. of A we bring you Chloe Carter by way of Texas and currently Las Vegas. What gets this little cutie's juices flowing is the whole Daddy's Girl fetish and not the older guy angle but the fact that she craves being told what to do while giving up all control and power. This all stems from being kicked out of her house at a young age and while living with her aunt and uncle, rebelled like the worthless little tatted cum wench she is. She needed direction and Dr. P and I were the dynamic duo willing to show her that a red glowing bottom is actually a beautifully erotic thing and exquisite training tool.

The following is the delightful fuckit list she was willing and eager to entertain us all with:
- A healthy smattering of verbal abuse throughout
- Face-slapping,
- Face-spitting,
- Choking,
- Deep Throat and face-fucking,
- Vaginal Fucking,
- Anal toy play,
- Masturbation,
- Vaginal fucking,
- And cum-swallowing

Needless to say Dr. P and I were immensely excited and completely aroused at the thought of this self-described "Daddy's Little Girl" willing to submit her young, tender and tattooed body for everyone's pleasure.

Alas, sometimes things don't go as planned. After a revealing interview where Chloe was very open about her life to this point, including inexperience in the sub/dom universe, which has never been a make or break for our scenes. We were thrilled when she was so horny and wet that it only took her seven minutes along with a spade-shaped butt plug deeply inserted and a vibrator firmly on her swollen clit to reach orgasm.

However, when Dr. P started in on little Chloe's sexy, inviting mouth with some steady and intense rod ramming...Chloe puked. After we cleaned up and picked up where we left off...she puked again. We now figured the third time was the charm with Chloe but realized it was not meant to be because my camcorder then conked out during our third try. To make things worse, she had to fly back to the States right after and we couldn't fix another date with her. Sadly, gents, that was that.

My apologies to you all for not being able to seal the deal but I did manage to save up enough footage for you to behold Chloe Carter's short but interesting PSS career.

As always, thanks to all of you for being a huge part of this site, pushing us to make the best content out there because you genuinely deserve it. You will not be disappointed by what's coming up next. Stay tuned!




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