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Ellie's been booted out of her flat by her bastard boyfriend, shivering in her jim-jams in the hallway like some Dickensian street urchin. I lure her upstairs with promises of paternal benevolence, and there unleash an ingenious plan of revenge -- that she should give my willy a tickle with her tongue (and perhaps a bit more), while Andy records her infidelity with his camcorder so that we can burn a copy onto a disc afterwards and slip it under the guy's door.

Ellie accepts my kind offer with glee and gets down to business with gusto. The tramp. This is Ellie's first-ever porno scene and she's ace in it. Every time I touch her clit her legs start shaking uncontrollably. And when she's on top of me, both ways round, she bounces up and down on me like a fucking bunny rabbit.


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