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HONESTY: Punish My Feet & Make Me Cum

Here’s a scene we’ve been wanting to get up on the site for a while. It’s a cracker. We shot it a couple of years ago when we were just starting out and I wanted to shoot some foot-fetish stuff. But don’t let that put you off if you’re not into feet because it’s got some great BDSM in it and Honesty just cums and cums and cums in it as usual. (And if you are into feet then you’re going to lap this one up.)

Ah Honesty. One of our favourite sluts. The queen of pain. Boy does she get off on it. And this scene really puts that to the test because if there’s one part of the body that’s particularly sensitive then it has to be the soles of the feet, and when I’m not ordering her to suck my dick and I’m not fucking that delicious hairy cunt (and the sex in this scene is top-notch, guys) then I’m inflicting as much gratuitous misery on them as possible. Which is nice of me because every time I spank them and crack them with my cane Honesty gives out the most delightful and delicious of whimpers. The young lady certainly had a jolly nice time.

We didn’t shoot an interview or a solo scene with Honesty for this one so in place of those we’ve got another strumpet for you this week – Jordan. Now Jordan is Russian and blonde with massive tits. Her English is ok but as you’ll see from Andy’s interview with her there’s a bit of a cultural divide. In fact the interview’s a bit of a farce, so much so that after about five minutes he pretty much throws his hands up in the air and tells me just to stuff her mouth with my cock. And ever the ready porn professional I’m in there like a flash facefucking with a rather ungentlemanly lack of politeness. Thereafter follows quite a session tonsil-bashing with poor old Jordan looking like she’s just been hit by a bus. “Fuck!” she exclaims, about 400 times. And talking about being hit by a bus the fucking that followed the cocksucking was pretty much a complete write-off and we don’t have any plans to publish it. Some things just deserve to be thrown in the bin. But the facefucking’s fun. If you’re evil and like girls getting the shock of their lives. Which, from time to time, we are and we do.

Scene features:

Physical domination
Verbal control & abuse
Vaginal fucking
Caning & spanking
Deep-throat & face-fucking


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