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I met Ivey Passion at an industry party last year and we clicked straightaway. Didn’t fuck but we came damn close. And then she flew back to Amsterdam where she lives. What took us so long getting her back to Blighty for a PSS shoot I’ve no idea – Easyjet airport ten minutes’ drive away, dirt-cheap connections to Berlin, Barcelona, Ibiza and (hey!) Amsterdam if you book way ahead, it was a no-brainer. Just fly her in and out the same day. Which is what – sound of penny dropping in a 120-frames-a-minute slo-mo muffle – we eventually did.

If you’re a fan of beautiful women suffering sustained periods of whipping, flogging and spanking then this one’s for you. Ivey Passion loves pain. The scene kicks off with Ivey leaning over Andy’s kitchen top, ball-gag in her mouth, wrists handcuffed behind her back. I start with the cane, taking my time, building things up. By the time I’ve swapped it for the flogger I’m in full sadist mode and loving every second. As, I should add, is Ivey. I slip my fingers into her cunt and they come out glistening with her honey. The flogger’s a really nasty piece of work, really hard-edged, and she loves that just as much. And then I start fucking her, right were she is, and I carry on fucking her in various positions and I don’t stop spanking and slapping her. So hot.

Be sure to check out the outtakes on Saturday, which has got a whole sequence of whipping with Ivey hanging from the hook, and the photo-shoot too, which has got lots more juicy fucking. You’re welcome!

The interview includes Ivey talking about she turned from dom to sub, how she embarked on her sub education with her master and what she’s enjoyed about it, and how her master and her boyfriend aren’t the same guy.

Twitter: @IveyPassion


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Ivey: hook-hanging outtakes & more
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Ivey: hot fucking during photoshoot
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Ivey: sore as hell & very happy
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Ivey: prime fuck meat from Amsterdam
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Ivey: Pain Is My Aphrodisiac
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Ivey: bitch knows how to tease
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Ivey: been gagging to shag me for a year
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Introducing Ivey Passion
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