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Jasmine Lau is a pedigree slut, she’s happy to admit it, and Andy’s her number-one fan. She used to be in the UK industry then ducked out five years ago. Andy shot her for one of his TVX series (without me) and claims it was one the best scenes he ever did. Took her out to fuck in a park with lots of blocks of flats surrounding it. Like I said, Jasmine Lau is a slut.

And now lo and behold up she pops again, back in service, waving her flappy cunt at anyone who wants to point a camera at it. Apparently her longstanding partner, who loves her fucking other guys and gals, began to bemoan the fact he didn’t have have any new movies starring his favorite porn star to watch anymore.

Do watch her interview. She talks about being a teenager and going out to the clubs on a Saturday night and fucking loads of blokes, loving being a slut; about being a stripper with an irrepressibly wet pussy the whole time; about biting the end of some poor dude’s cock off when he was facefucking her too hard.

The solo vid isn’t a solo vid at all. We shot it after the scene, by which time her buttocks are black and blue from all the spanking she got during it (because spanking’s her thing and who am I to deny a woman her pleasures?). And she actually gets MORE spanking while sucking me off and making me cum in her mouth. Swallows of course.

Then there’s the scene. Now Andy wasn’t the only one to work with Jasmine back in the day. I did too, twice. But that Jasmine wasn’t this Jasmine. Different directors want different things from their girls and the times I worked with her the shoots were very vanilla. Andy’s always insisted on shooting real sex so he saw the real Jasmine before. I didn’t and this time she practically gave me a heart attack.

The set-up’s that her boyfriend owes me money he’s lost at cards. We go round, she hands over the cash but it’s short, so either she comes up with a workable alternative or my bailiff pals will be round the next morning to clear her place out. After a bit of nudging in the right direction, the bitch is down on her knees with my willy in her mouth. Much spanking follows and then we get to the fucking. And Jasmine Lau turns into a fucking banshee. Aggressive as hell. Yep, I more than meet my match with this girl – and I’m not sure I win!

(You might find Saturday’s post-scene interview entertaining too. She talks about the time she uses her safe word to stop what’s going on and Andy’s included the original footage. I get a right bollocking.)


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