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Kloe White’s smart. By the end of the interview, Andy’s thinking she’s got the chops to be a writer or a graphic designer or a politician or Christ knows what.

But 21-year-old Kloe doesn’t want to be any of these things because Kloe wants to be an award-winning porn star. And today is the day she’s going to get started because this PSS shoot is her first-ever porn scene.

Yep, Kloe White wants nothing less than to have pervy old cameramen film her taking her clothes off, unleashing her big, beautifully-fleshy and 100%-natural bosoms for all the world to see (and vote for) as she bends forward and swings them in the air like some kind of erotic grandfather clock with, er, tits on it instead of a pendulum.

She wants to drink lots of water for a couple of hours and put on a big pair of knickers and p*ss in them, and through them, and to the side of them, and – best of all – catch a whole load of p*ss in the seat of them, like a damn, then squeeze and squirt it all out through the material and the sides. (Which she does during her solo vid, quite expertly.)

She wants to have nasty old fuckers like me chain her to hooks in the ceiling and then spank her so hard that it leaves marks on her bottom so she can’t sit down for two days (check); then get pushed down onto her knees so that they can ram their cocks into the back of her mouth so hard that she ends up p*king and the editor has to cut it out later (check); then basically take some cock up her vagina that's more than double the age she is and relish every thrust and pump of it till it gets her so excited that she’s got to cum (which it does because she pops one out when she’s riding me) and then return the favour by getting said willy just as excited so that it’s got to cum too and jizz its juice all over her pretty young face.

Ah, the rich tapestry of life, ladies and gentlemen. Where would we be, as purveyors and consumers, experts all, of adult entertainment, without the brave young rebels like Kloe White who quash their fears to book their very first porn shoot, travel three hours there and back, on their own, to do it, and then see it through right to the very final splat of spunk? It takes balls and we salute them. You did brilliantly, Kloe. Thank you.

(Also, check out the bit in the interview when Kloe’s talking about her fantasy of being late on the rent and having to pay her debt off with her body. Andy basically tells her a complete fib by mentioning the two shoots when we did this scenario, with Anita Vixen and Amber West, and talking about them as though they actually were late on their rent and made to do the scenes to pay off their debt for real. The look on her face is priceless. She gets well turned on by the idea. And to this day, she still thinks we were telling her the truth because we forgot to come clean with her before she left!)

Twitter: @BadPosh


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