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But I'm gonna her make her wait just a little bit longer. We've ordered her to sit in her chair, spread her legs and put on a good wank show for us. She's dressed proper posh in a starched white blouse, tight skirt, hold-ups and -- oh, maybe not quite so posh after all -- no knickers. And that 50-something waxed cunt is fucking soaked.

She exposes herself to me want only and starts to diddle herself, first with her fingers then with a glass dildo. I take my cock out and approach her. She's mesmerised by it, staring wide-eyed. Finally. But then I tell her she can't touch it and taunt her, asking her if she wants it in her mouth but that she can't have it. I make her smell it. She goes crazy, fucking herself with the dildo, and explodes in a massive orgasm.


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