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Lexi Ryder: Daddy’s Girl Unleashed

Busty blonde Lexi Ryder says it’s always been her fantasy to be a Pascal’s SubSlut, but what juices her twat most is for a man to take complete fucking control. About 3-4 years ago, she fulfilled her dream and entered porn like her idol, cock sucking icon, Jenna Jameson. She not only fucks on camera but also escorts where she’s learned to “push her boundaries”. She notes how when escorting she’s dominant, loads different than being a sub in a committed relationship. Lexi was gleefully confessing when the camera goes on she turns into a “naturally filthy girl!” Along with her confession of a need to be a “Daddy’s Girl”, Me and Dr. P put the wheels in motion on what to do with a delectably dirty wench at our disposal.

Lexi said she’d had some experience in the dom/sub scene but was in NO way prepared for what P and I did to her. My delightful diabolical laughter was the perfect backdrop while we utterly degraded and debased this dumb cunt who thought she had enough “experience.”

Lexi’s fuck-it list rundown:

Deep throat
Multiple orgasms

You can tell how much of a delicious tramp burns inside her when she relates a story about a gangbang she did with 30-40 guys. Focus on her face and excitement as she confesses how much joy she had with 12 loads of spunk dripping off her face and down her luscious jugs. This cum portal was so fucking horny when she got home she was drilled like the dirtiest fuckslut and loved it all.

Lexi poses here as a student doing an interview for a class about the porn industry wearing a tight white top with hard as fuck nips aching to bust out. Once P & I sniff out her sham we immediately put this useless bitch in her place in the glorious ways only we know how.

For the rest of the 411 on this domination clinic…well…you’ll just have to watch every spank, spit, face fuck, gag, choke, loud orgasm and “fuck me daddy” plea…with utter delight!



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