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Leya Falcon: Slut Daughter Comes With The House

Leya Falcon was the second shoot of five we did on our recent visit to Las Vegas. She’s a native of the city and pretty much fucking nuts, something she’d very happily agree with herself. Here’s what she got up to with us:

- Anal & vaginal fucking
- Physical & verbal domination
- Deepthroat & face-fucking
- Face-slapping & spitting
- Choking
- Spanking
- Urination
- Masturbation
- Anal insertions (vegetables & flowers)
- Cumshot (CIM)

Note that bullet point first from last – vegetables and flowers. Yep, they all went up her asshole. When she arrived we showed her the general intro to the webiste, and she started to yelp with delight when she saw P fuck Anita Vixen’s asshole with a cucumber. She was down with some of that. So we went to the supermarket and stocked up and the results can be seen across both her solo vid, during which she makes herself cum a couple of times by fucking herself with a courgette, and the fuck scene itself, during which she fucks her ass some more with a cucumber, some other vegetable that none of us had ever seen before, and a bunch of flowers. It’s all very exotic.

Things to note about the fragrant Ms Falcon. She reckons she’d fucked up to 800 guys by the time she was 18, loves dressing up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad because she reckonds she pretty much IS Harley Quinn, and loves nasty, degrading rough sex. (And after we’d finished shooting she filled me in on another part of her life which pretty much trumps any of those and which you can find out about if you go and read my blog entry about, link at the top of the page.)

The scene sees her playing the daughter of the guy we’re renting the house from, who stops off to solve a couple of problems we’ve got. She’s not so keen to leave once they’re sorted though. We’re quick to read her mind (she knows we shoot porn because we’ve cleared it with Pop) and Pascal pretty much springs into action immediately. What happens after that is complete fucking mayhem, the surprise highlight for us, while it was going on, being that Leya began to riff in the most obscene way about how her dad pretty much knew what she’d been planning and thoroughly approved of it, he fucks her all the time himself and was greatly looking forward to watching the end results on our website. She does this bit by bit, as she gets rammed in all three of her fuck holes, adding detail to her little fantasy each time. It rather took our breath away.

Three Vegas shoots down, two to go. Thanks very much for watching. See you next week.



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