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Lilyan Red: Pain Slut Craves Torture

I remember the first time I saw some porn in which the girl was being spanked and whipped and loving every second of it. It was a revelation. Up until then I knew BDSM existed but I hadn’t specifically sought it out. But seeing the ecstasy on the face of the girl in the vid as the marks started to criss-cross over her body was an immense turn-on. And I love it even more today. If the girl’s not enjoying it, if the porn is all about her genuine unhappiness, then I loathe it and I can’t watch it. But when it’s all about her pleasure, and she’s getting off so much from the physical abuse being rained down on her, then you just can’t beat it. Especially when she gets fucked afterwards as well.

Which was why I was so happy to get Lilyan Red in front of my camcorder for PSS. Lilyan’s the real deal, a pain slut from the tip of her nose down to her toes. And she’s beautiful. And she loves a big fat cock ramming in and out of her sloppy mouth and cunt. What’s not to like? Here’s what she gets up to in her scene:

- Vaginal fucking
- Physical domination & extreme verbal abuse
- BDSM, including restraint, suspension and corporal punishment with marks
- Face-fucking & deepthroat
- Face-spitting
- Face-slapping
- Choking
- Squirting
- Masturbation
- Cumshot (CIM & swallowing)

Hope you enjoy, thanks for watching and see you next week.



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Lilyan: caps! caps! caps!
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Lilyan: loved the vertigo on the stool
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Lilyan: fuck me hard and spank me
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Lilyan: Pain Slut Craves Torture
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Lilyan: “Wank that cunt, bitch…”
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Lilyan: old school
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Lilyan: nerd who loves RPG games & manga
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Introducing Lilyan Red
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