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Lois Loveheart got in touch with me on Twitter. She’d just started shooting porn, she’d been getting off watching our trailers – could she be a SubSlut? It was a bit of a no-brainer, especially when she started talking about why she wanted to be one. Although she’d been (kind of) dommed a little bit here and there, she knew that deep down she was really submissive and she’d never properly been on the receiving end of a really good thrashing. And she wasn’t mincing her words. She wanted the whole hog – facefucking & gagging, slapping, spanking, spitting, choking. She wanted for me to be really angry, to be taken and used and thrown away. Talk about jumping in at the deep end.

So we went up to Yorkshire and shot her the day after Sophie Garcia. There was however a problem. Lois had just come and so she needed to wear a sponge. This can be a curse for a really good shoot, guys. Sponges make a girl dry up, no matter how wet she’s getting, and they’re none too friendly with the end of a guy’s dick when he’s fucking her either. It was frustrating but we kicked on nonetheless. We shot the interview then the solo masturbation scene. But despite Lois getting ridiculously turned on watching me stroke my dick through my trousers, then just staring at it, hypnotized, after I took it out, she couldn’t really make herself come, even when we left her in the room by herself. It wasn’t just the sponge. It was the fact that we were shooting at her place, where she lives with her young daughter. So stuff was just putting her off. Not her fault at all. So we decided that we’d actually postpone shooting the fuck scene proper for a couple of weeks and that Lois would come down to us in Essex to finish things off.

Which is what happened. Cut to Lois in Andy’s flat and Andy telling her that she’s got some unfinished business to attend to – despite telling us that she’d cum when we left her playing with herself in her lounge two weeks prior the fact was that she was telling porkie pies. All anyone had to do was watch the video to see that she hadn’t. He then tells her to go into his office where he makes her watch our (seriously rough) scene with Kandi Spitfire. You see, although Lois had been getting off to our trailers, and saying to us how she really wanted me to treat her like sh*t, she’d never actually watching one of our scenes. And despite wondering whether Kandi was actually enjoying herself in the scene, when I ask her if she wants to get fucked the same way she turns to me and says “Harder". Ouch. I go and stand by her, jerking myself off in front of her. Again, she’s mesmerizing by my cock. She cums.

And so onto the scene. No set-up. Just Lois getting ruined. And realizing that perhaps she’s bitten off just a bit too much than she can chew. This is a very rough scene, guys. It’s want Lois requested. She knew to use her safe words. Although she doesn’t use them, she does, at one point when she’s getting flogged and becomes tearful, say stop. We stop. And I totally doff my cap to her. This woman is one very tough cookie. Not just beautiful and sweet and lovely but really, really tough. I’d love to do another shoot with her. Now she’s been through the ringer and knows what’s what I’m convinced we could short a real five-star scorcher with her. Watch this space.


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