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Bit of a tragedy, this one. Lucy Grey got in touch with us because she really wanted to fuck me – or more to the point, get seriously trashed and abused by me – so she came to see us in Southend and it all went great and then after he’d finished everything Andy accidentally binned the fucking scene. Genius. Still, not everything got trashed so we thought we’d share what remains with you anyway which is basically her pics and the solo wank vid we did which is a wee bit different to the ones we usually do.

Because she was SO sub and SO enthusiastic we decided to pick up on something she’d told us before which is that she liked to write dirty stories. So we got her to write a dirty story just for us and read it out on the day. And it’s great – full of Daddy stuff, the nasty little bitch. Then we get her to frig herself and it doesn’t take long for her to pop, then I get my todger out and tease her with it and tell her to cum again and she does. Nice.



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LUCY GREY: there’s quite a bit of her
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LUCY GREY’s written a dirty story for us
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LUCY GREY: dripping 4 Daddy’s cock
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