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Lucy's a very sweet girl and has zero experience of sub-dom sex, rough sex etc. In her initial interview she talks about her desire to try it out and how she's only woken up to her passive side in the last couple of years but her long-term boyfriend is reluctant to dom her. She wants to be in a situation in which she has "no control" and to be "completely docile to what he wants".

She has however watched a couple of our scenes, as she explains in the interview. Lucy's an escort and she's got a longstanding client who's a big fan of PSS and asked if he could bring a couple of our scenes to his meets with her (Isabel's and Anita's) for them to watch together. So she knows how our stuff can turn depending on the kind of girl we're working with. She says that she'd like to test her boundaries and we make it clear to her that she can stop / pause at any point.

Three-quarters into the scene the sex gets pretty hard, with me slapping her repeatedly across the face while I'm fucking her. She begins to cry but tries to cover it up. We take a break and Andy asks her why she started to cry. She says that she's shocked by the fact that she enjoyed being dominated--so much! After we finish shooting, Andy asks her about her reaction again. Both clips form the short interview you can watch at the end of the movie.

The scene itself has Lucy play a hotel maid with a strange habit of wiping her pussy over the bedroom furnishings and linen while she cleans it. We arrive and I can smell it. I escort her back into the room to interrogate her about it and she eventually admits to being the guilty party. "I'll do anything you want so long as I can keep my job," she pleads. Which of course is an open invitation for me to embark on 40 minutes of gratuitous sexual exploitation...


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