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I met Mila Milan three days before we shot this scene. I went up to London for an industry event. They’re always good for scouting girls for PSS. I saw Mila, she saw me – instant chemistry. She was over from Holland doing a couple of shoots. I asked her if she was sub. She smiled and looked away. “Depends who I”m playing with.” I showed her our series trailer. Her smile split to a grin, then she laughed. “Oh really?” Mila Milan is a switch. I asked her if she was free on Sunday.

How we didn’t fuck that night I’ve no idea. It took all the discipline I could muster to say no (Mila Milan can be a little aggressive), that we should wait till the shoot so we could get it all on camera.

Fast-forward to Sunday and you can tell from her interview how turned on she is. She keeps on looking at me. When she takes off her knickers for the solo she’s already drenched. By the time we fuck in the scene, after a slow-burn start and a good chunk of increasingly sloppy and ferocious cock-sucking, her cunt is saturated. As she bangs up and down on me it squelches louder than I’ve heard a cunt squelch for as long as I can remember. It splats Andy’s camcorder.

She cums again and again. She swallows my cock deep into all three of her holes. She squirts when she’s getting fingered, she squirts when she’s just getting fucked.

There’s no set-up to the scene. Just me and Mila Milan, coming together slowly, tenderly, building it up. Then boom.

You know that test they do with kids – the one where they put a sweet on the table in front of them and tell them that if they don’t eat it then they’ll get another one in half an hour and most kids just gobble the sweet and forego the second. ‘Most kids’ is me. But not this time. I suffered for my art, ladies and gentlemen, and for the entertainment of you, my dear friends. I was amply rewarded and I trust you will be too. For any friends of Mila Milan concerned for her welfare after she missed her plane back to Amsterdam last Tuesday please be assured that she’s safe and healthy – and chained to the foot of my bed, still wearing the hold-ups she had on in the shoot and not a whole lot else. Switch indeed.


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