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Jesus this girl’s got a hunger on her. Catching up for lost time maybe. Monica Bollocksy was in a crap marriage till she was 36 (she’s 42 now) then pretty quickly found hubby no.2 who turned out to be a kinky bastard. They’ve been swinging ever since and she’s just started doing porn.

But maybe it’s not just lost time. Check her out in the fuck scene when she’s gyrating even when I haven’t got my dick in her. A couple of times I actually tell her to stop humping and stay still. Imagine having that kind of sex drive and being able to do fuck all about it. That was Monica up until six years ago.

In her interview she admits to being a pretty furious wanker during that first marriage, and it’s hot. Andy asks her to think of the guy she had the biggest crush on. What kinds of things did she imagine doing with him? It’s sub fantasies all the way – being ordered around, tied up, spanked hard to the point that it’s painful to sit down. And she never actually fucked him in real life, just frigged her cunt silly for a couple of years dreaming away. Bit like the wank she had thinking about what she wanted me to do to her the day before we shot the scene (only this time she got the cock!). She popped one out first thing in the morning while Hubby was still asleep next to her.

The solo vid isn’t a complete success. We thought it was going to be one of those you can point to and say yep she was well up for it, first orgasm in the can. But I think she was actually a lot more nervous that we realised and maybe tried to compensate for it with a bit of a performance. Not her fault at all, sometimes these solo vids can be a bit tricky.

When we get to the scene though it’s a slam-dunk all the way. She’s fucking incredible and loves every single second of it. Which brings us back to hubby no.2 – Malcolm. Ever since doing that cuckold scene with Roxy-Mae and her bf last year we’ve been trying to find other willing couples but they’ve been a bit thin on the ground. Enter the Bollocksies! And although it isn’t actually a fantasy of Malcolm’s to be a cuckold he sure does love watching his wife suck another man’s dick and puts in a bravura performance of a husband who’s lost at cards and has to hand over his woman to me to pay off his debt.

Monica stressed to us beforehand that she didn’t want the scene to be brutal and that she wanted to kick things off nice and sensual. Trouble is she loves getting facefucked and spanked. So after a bit of initial snogging, and after she’s got down on her knees, showed off her excellent deepthroat skills and started to take over, it all accelerates a whole lot faster than what we were expecting. This woman just LOVES to get facefucked and I ended up pushing it and pushing it and pushing it and she didn’t even say yellow to slow things down. It got her so turned on.

Also, a quick word of explanation about Andy asking about the time at the end of the scene. We had to be out of their place by 3.30 at the latest because her son was coming back home from school at four. Bad mummy.

Oh yeah, and she loves being a daddy’s girl, hence the title!

Anyway, enough yapping. Go watch. You’re going to love this one, guys.


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