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We got completely lost driving to Nicola Kiss's and when we phoned her up to ask her for directions she was hopeless. More to the point, she complained about us not having sat-nav. So we decided to put her in her cage for the start of the scene to bring her down to size.

It suits her, dressed up in her sexy lingerie and fuck-me heels, kneeling in her prison like that. I inspect her, a good mouth for cock sucking and she's wet round the back already. I put a leash on her and bring her out, getting her to stay on all fours and stick her cunt out in the air behind her. I pull it wide open for Andy to get a good view up her. Then we both have a nice sesh spanking the bitch hard and I give her a good finger fucking...


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NICOLA KISS: “Always Point Your Toes, Bitch”
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NICOLA KISS: luvs old-man cock
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Introducing this week’s updates
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Nicola Kiss Locked In A Cage
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Nicola Kiss, I Just Use Her Like the Cheap Little Fuck Whore She Aspires to Be!
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Nicola Kiss Cums with Her Wand
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Nicola Kiss, "You Going to Listen To Me?" I Ask Her. "Uh-huh"
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Nicola Kiss in a Cage, Pet Slag Punishment!
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