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Nikki G used to do all the right things. Brought up in a thoroughly middle-class Scottish family, she went onto build a meteoric business career in retail. But something snapped and she chucked it all in to become a whore. Literally. You pay her, she'll fuck you. Maybe the writing was on the wall when she went to her first party at 16, with no experience of boys because she'd only gone to all-girl schools before then, got pissed for the first time and lost her cherry. Or how's about doing a gangbang with five guys in her second year at uni? Could read something into that.

The truth is Nikki G craves cock, and she's long craved being filmed sucking and fucking for money. So here she is, in front of our lens, taking the plunge. Virgin flesh. Love it.

She's got a thing about having guys do things to her behind her, from foreplay to fucking. So given the special occasion and said sexual preference we decided against making up some narrative set-up for this one and just had her stand in the middle of the room at the start and await my arrival 'au derriere'.

Nikki's not a hardcore sub but she does like a strong man having his way with her which, of course, I'm more than happy to oblige her with. And she loves every squelchy second of it. The expressions on her face while I'm fucking her in doggy on the bed towards the end of the scene are priceless. Enjoy, guys.


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Introducing Nikki G
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