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Nova Shields: Fuck Junkie Can’t Stop Cumming

Nova Shields is 34 and she’s addicted to sex. Apparently when she’s not fucking her vagina throbs in irritation that it’s not being attended to. We shot her at the end of a very busy week, during which she’d introduced herself to the porn industry proper and shot her first pro scenes. She was well knackered when she arrived but you wouldn’t know it to watch her in action, the pervertingly-nutritious ingredients of which are as follows:

- Anal, vaginal and oral fucking
- Physical & verbal domination
- Orgasms
- Squirting
- Face-slapping & spitting
- Choking
- Masturbation
- Cumshot (CIM)

Sexual intercourse verily lights the girl up. Diddling around with herself not so much, as evidenced by her solo vid which really doesn’t go anywhere. And if you can make head or tail of my interview with her then you’re a better man than I. The stuff about only fucking six guys till a few months ago I could follow (she was in long-term relationships and remained faithful), and being a sex addict and a pleaser I got. But the hard sports stuff and walking naked down the street without people phoning the police? I had a little trouble joining the dots.

But the scene’s a cracker. She’s beautiful, she loves it up the ass and she cums lots. And despite looking the splitting image of Farrah Fawcett she hasn’t got the first idea who Farrah Fawcett is. Go Google, “knee-highs”. Make sure you check out the poster with the nips. That poster was everywhere in the 70s. As were Jack Lord in Hawaii 5-0 and Telly Savalas in Kojak and Peter Graves in Mission Impossible –– because American TV cops (and kinda-cops) fucking ruled 40 years ago! And how come Richard Thomas looks exactly the same in The Americans in 2017 as he did in The Waltons on BBC2 on a Monday night at ten past eight when I was eleven in 1975? Cos if you’re going to keep the birthmark then you’re sure not going to be fucking around with any plastic surgery, but then if you don’t need the plastic surgery and you’ve got some Dorian Gray shit going on and your career still ends up the dud that his has then... Fuck, what’s the point?

And no, it most certainly is splitting and not spitting, asshole, so you can kindly fuck off.




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Update 1299
Nova: over 200 blinding caps!
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Nova: BJ outtakes
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Nova: during the pics (1st contact)
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Nova: sated! (for the meantime)
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Nova: cunt’s tighter than her anus
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Nova: Fuck Junkie Can’t Stop Cumming
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Nova: pay attention, sweetie
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Nova: doesn’t care what you look like
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Nova: 34, addicted to sex, pleaser
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Introducing Nova Shields
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