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ORION STARR: Decimated For Being So Cute

A quickie before we get going. In case you haven’t spotted it, I’ve started putting pics up on the blog after we’ve shot new girls, with some blurb about their shoots. Have a gander from time to time. Now on with the show...

Orion Starr’s got the words ‘Sex & Violence’ tatted across her torso. No surprise then that she wanted the whole PSS package:

– Physical domination & verbal abuse
– Vaginal fucking
– Orgasm
– Deepthroat & facefucking
– Spanking
– Breath-play
– Face-slapping
– Face-spitting
– CIM & swallowing
– Masturbation with toy
– Bondage (ball-gag, mask, handcuffs & suspension)
– Pussylicking

Orion’s 22 and from Long Island, New York. She was over in the UK with her boyfriend, a bare-knuckle fighter, who was doing some fights. She’s really into BDSM, she’d seen some of our stuff, and she wanted to play. For the scene, I suggested the same kind of set-up we used with Alexxa Vice and Misha Mayfair – treating her like shit for being so cute – and she loved the idea.

In her interview she talks about getting into BDSM at a young age and how she’s been a serious user-abuser ever since. She doesn’t cum in the solo vid but that was just down to circumstances. Through no fault of her own, she got to us late, so we rushed through stuff and by the time we got to the solo we hadn’t really had much chance to chill with her. We even cut the interview short (we went back to finish it off at the end of the day). So it was pretty much nerves that got in the way.

But after that we did the pics and that warmed her up nice and proper (the photoshoot video is really hot). By the time we started shooting the scene all was good. Very, very good. In case you’re new to PSS, we never tell the girls what we’re going to do with the sex. (Half the time we don’t even know ourselves.) So when you start watching it bear in mind that Orion hasn’t a clue what’s about to happen, and she’s still pretty much a porno novice. She’s only done two or three scenes before. What happens is P basically cuffs and blindfolds her, strings her up to the hook, puts a ball-gag in her mouth, and then completely fucking decimates her. And the bitch loves every second of it.

Orion said how much she loved the UK as well. By the time she got to us, she’d been here three weeks and wanted to move over full-time. As a measure of her fondness for the place, check out her Union Jack nails. But one thing I didn’t notice until I was editing her stuff was her clit stud. That takes a certain kind of class. Next time you’re over this side of the pond, Orion, Round Two awaits.


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Update 805
Orion: hard fucking during photoshoot
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Orion: outtake bibs & bobs
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Orion: tatted herself with ‘Sex & Violence
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Orion: tatted herself with ‘Sex & Violence’
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Orion: Decimated For Being So Cute
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Orion: craves getting choked
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Orion: “Spank my arse as hard as you want"
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Orion: got into BDSM really young
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Introducing Orion Starr
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