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Another week, another dripping bitch gagging for P rough her up and bang her hard. Here’s what we squeezed out of 25-year-old Princess Paris:

– Physical domination & verbal abuse
– Vaginal fucking
– Orgasms
– Squirting
– Deepthroat & facefucking
– Spanking
– Breath-play
– Face-slapping
– Face-spitting
– CIM & swallowing
– Masturbation with toy
– Bondage & suspension
– Pussylicking

Did we go too far with the set-up for this one? Probably but who gives a fuck. Everyone else is shooting incest. We thought we’d do it PSS-style. That’s right, folks, we got Princess Paris to play P’s daughter. Well, a girl who turns up at my flat claiming she’s his daughter at least, so who knows? Apparently she’s the love child of some porn slut he fucked way back at the beginning of his career. She never told P she had her so the first she hears of it is when I ring him up to say this Princess girl has tracked him down and not only does she want to meet him, she wants to get into porn and wouldn’t it be a good idea if Daddy could show her the ropes? While I film it. And although, rather understandably, the bonking Belgian has serious misgivings with her request he’s such a depraved pervert that he really doesn’t try too hard when Princess starts stripping his clothes off and before you know it she’s gobbling his willy. He remains conflicted throughout the scene however, regularly punishing her for, well, pretty much being the same kind of sexual deviant as she is. Chip off the old block. It’s hardly fair but it’s a whole lot of fun.

All Princess’s videos this week are great. We roll straight into the solo vid from the interview – I ask P to introduce her to PSS and he roughs her up before ordering her to wank for us. The bitch is so turned on she makes her cunt cream. She cums once then I tell her to do it again while P gets his cock out and taunts her with it. The moment she starts cumming again he lets her taste it for the first time, ramming it all the way into her gob and holding her head down on it. After that we shoot the pics and she cums again three times. In the scene, she cums Christ knows how many times.

And the outtakes are definitely worth checking out this week. Straight after P makes her squirt in the scene we got her up on the hook. I actually decided to take this out of final cut of the scene because her cuffs broke and the fucking beforehand wasn’t at quite the level of intensity I wanted. It’s hot though and prior to stringing her up I make her stand in the middle of the room and jerk herself off again, with her body glistening with all her squirt, and I shoot that from below, looking up, till she cums. There’s also some stuff with P licking her out and making her climax again. The bitch just didn’t stop erupting the whole day. Our kind of PascalsSubSlut.


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Update 797
Paris: outtakes (hook fucking, more cumming)
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HD Video
Added: Aug 27, 2016 Duration: 10 min
Update 796
Paris: photoshoot with orgasms
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HD Video
Added: Aug 27, 2016 Duration: 16 min


Update 795
Paris: loved playing P’s daughter
Type: Interview - After Fucking HD Video
Added: Aug 27, 2016 Duration: 5 min
Update 794
Paris: needs it rough
Type: Fuck Pics HQ Photos
Added: Aug 26, 2016 38 photos


Update 793
Paris: Surprise Love Child Craves Daddy’s Cock
Type: Fuck Vids HD Video
Added: Aug 25, 2016 Duration: 38 min
Update 792
Paris: wanking makes her cunt cream
Type: Solo Vids HD Video
Added: Aug 24, 2016 Duration: 11 min


Update 791
Paris: “Cum here, pretty boy...”
Type: Strip Pics HQ Photos
Added: Aug 23, 2016 81 photos
Update 790
Paris: self-confessed slut needs loadsa men
Type: Interview - Before Fucking HD Video
Added: Aug 22, 2016 Duration: 19 min


Update 789
Introducing Princess Paris
Type: Preview Trailer HD Video
Added: Aug 21, 2016 Duration: 1 min