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Red Rose: Night Of Firsts

Red Rose is a 41-year-old mum who’s been working as a nude model for
photographers for a couple of years and wants to take the next step
up. She’s been playing around with sub-dom stuff with her partner but
pretty much at the vanilla end of things and that’s where she wants
the shoot to focus. That means her fuck-it list is a little shorter
than some girls’ are:

- Vaginal fucking
- Physical & verbal domination
- Bondage (suspension / blindfold)
- Orgasms
- Spanking
- Masturbation
- Toy
- Cumshot (CIM & swallowing)

But it would be a mistake to judge Rose solely on the standard
ingredients list we use, guys, because if we did a list of the firsts
that she got up to when she was with us, the kind of list which is all
too rare and beautiful by comparison, then it would be nearly as long
and a lot more unique:

- Never shot a porno before
- Never cum from being fucked before
- Never squirted before (let alone from fucking a cock at the same time)
- Never talked like a filthy whore before
- And (probably) never cum as many times as the thousands of times that she did

Add to that a honey-dripping pussy pretty much from the start of the
day to the end, and do I need to sell this girl to you anymore than I
already have done? I hope not. Rose is a slow-burn girl, she loves a
soft touch, tactile hands, being warmed up, so bear that in mind as
you work your way through the updates this week. We’re not just about
destruction & mayhem here at PSS – some of our SubSluts do like their
domination to come with a lighter and arguably more erotic touch.

The first sex stuff we shot with her was actually the photoshoot which
we’ll be putting up on Saturday and which is outstanding because she’s
on the verge of cumming all the way through and she’s trying not to
make it show. The solo vid may be the longest solo vid we’ve shot
because there’s so much tease in it, then P has a bit of a play with
her after she’s cum and makes her pop again.

And then in the scene itself, likewise we don’t rush things and bit by
bit she starts to want it harder and she’s saying shit to P about him
fucking her hard like a slut and bingo the lady does indeed become a
tramp and it’s a beautiful metamorphosis to see and thoroughly
deserving of your time.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching.



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Update 1385
Rose: over 200 rosy-red-hot caps!
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HQ Photos
Added: Dec 30, 2017 202 photos
Update 1384
Rose: reverse cowgirl
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HD Video
Added: Dec 30, 2017 Duration: 4 min


Update 1383
Rose: meeting P’s cock for the first time
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HD Video
Added: Dec 30, 2017 Duration: 20 min
Update 1382
Rose: harder (and better!) than expected
Type: Interview - After Fucking HD Video
Added: Dec 30, 2017 Duration: 4 min


Update 1381
Rose: drilled for your pleasure
Type: Fuck Pics HQ Photos
Added: Dec 29, 2017 57 photos
Update 1380
Rose: Night Of Firsts
Type: Fuck Vids HD Video
Added: Dec 28, 2017 Duration: 48 min


Update 1379
Rose: soaked from wanking & cumming
Type: Solo Vids HD Video
Added: Dec 27, 2017 Duration: 25 min
Update 1378
Rose: wants to serve & please
Type: Strip Pics HQ Photos
Added: Dec 26, 2017 96 photos


Update 1377
Rose: 41-yr-old mum, never shot porn
Type: Interview - Before Fucking HD Video
Added: Dec 25, 2017 Duration: 26 min
Update 1376
Introducing Red Rose
Type: Preview Trailer HD Video
Added: Dec 24, 2017 Duration: 1 min