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I get Bad Bentley to hitch her cunt up onto my face and give her clit a bit of a tongue fiddle. Then I tell her to say where she is. I extract myself from beneath and order her to stick her arse out so she's in doggy again and I just pump her. Her cunt's nice and juiced up and makes delicious sloppy sounds while I fuck her. I fix the rope back round her wrists behind her...


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Update 172
"What Would You Do To Get Pascal To Fuck You Again?" Andy Asks Her. "Anything,"
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Samantha Bentley, Would Rather Fuck Than Help Clean, Like She Promised
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Samantha Bentley Wants to Get Fucked Like She'd Never Been Fucked on Camera Before
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Samantha Bentley, Degradation of a Porn Princess
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Samantha Bentley, Surprise Foot Fetish Fuck
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Samantha Bentley, "What Are You Waiting For?" I ask her. "Your cock," she says.
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Samantha Bentley Pumps Her Cunt With Her Fingers
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Samantha Bentley, How Many Orgasms Has She Had, asks Andy. Three, She Laughs!
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