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It's all change at PSS Towers as Andy prepares to flee the shores of Blighty and set up shop on the continent where the UK authorities can't boss us around and tell us what we can shoot and what we can't. Like, no word of a lie -- squirting. When it comes to porn this country is a joke, fuck-fans. Meddlesome, intrusive, censorious and boy if they can bitch-slap you with a fine big enough to see your business go belly-up in a picosecond they'll do it.

So if you don't want to play by the rules there's only one thing you can do. Move your editorial office overseas. Do that and you're off their patch and they can't touch you. Which, in our case, was Essex but ain't Essex no more cos Andy's gone baby gone and we're free to do what we want. None of which will interrupt the steady flow of cunt-tastic PSS scenes because he's going to flying back in to shoot a fresh batch of honey-drippin' and drool-a-dribblin' SubSluts with me every month but it does kind of set this scene up because today's the last day that we're going to be shooting in his flat in Southend. Which isn't much in the way of setting a scene up but that's all we've got. "This is the last time we're shooting here. Er, here's the bitch..."

And the bitch's name is Sasha Steele, and she is 35, and she's a bit of a hippy chick. Does lots of meditation. Told me that she chanted in her car all the way back home after the scene, some Indian mystic shit, probably shock therapy to help her come to terms with the preceding couple of hours. Well you did ask for it, love. Humiliation? Check. Face-slapping? Check. Face-spitting? Check. Choking? Check. Hard spanking? Check. Lady received what she requested, top to toe, I thank you ma'am.

And no we don't believe that fake orgasm when she's playing with herself either. Apologies for that. But the one she pops out when she's riding me was for real, I was there, snug as a bug up her and duly receptive to her internal pleasure rumblings. And the squirting when she's on the floor and Andy's got the pillow over her face -- the biz. Never squirted like that hard before she said afterwards. So I think what's going on here was that she was actually really nervous -- she'd never really had it this rough before, she wanted to test it out but she was really reserved about it -- and it took me a bit of time to really strip all of that away. But when that happens things really fly. And the interview's good too. Well worth a gander, boys and girls.


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