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Saskia can’t wait to open her prezzies. She steals downstairs in the middle of the night to have a rummage under the Christmas tree and just can’t help herself. She unwraps one of them and it’s a huge fucking pink dildo. She starts to, er, interact with it.

Meanwhile, Santa (me) and his elf (him) realize that they forgot to drop off one of Saskia’s presents. They double-back and find her being very rude with her new toy (which, it transpires, isn’t actually hers but her mum’s). Bad girls who open their presents before they’re supposed to need to be punished. Bad Santas will always be bad. You know the rest.

Merry Christmas, motherfuckers x


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Update 516
Saskia: “I’m a spitter but I swallowed!”
Type: Interview - After Fucking HD Video
Added: Dec 26, 2015 Duration: 1 min
Update 515
Saskia: that’s some damn fine Xmas stuffing
Type: Fuck Pics HQ Photos
Added: Dec 25, 2015 46 photos


Update 514
Saskia: Sorry, Santa!
Type: Fuck Vids HD Video
Added: Dec 24, 2015 Duration: 25 min
Update 513
Saskia: squirts by name, squirts by nature
Type: Solo Vids HD Video
Added: Dec 23, 2015 Duration: 7 min


Update 512
Saskia: property of Santa Claus Esq
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Added: Dec 22, 2015 65 photos
Update 511
Saskia: fucks rather a lot in public
Type: Interview - Before Fucking HD Video
Added: Dec 21, 2015 Duration: 16 min


Update 510
Introducing Saskia Squirts
Type: Preview Trailer HD Video
Added: Dec 20, 2015 Duration: 1 min