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Skyler plays a girl who I've been sitting opposite on the train. She's so engrossed in her book that she forgets her phone when she gets off at the stop before me. I’ve picked it up and got in touch with her to give it back. Being the nosy git I am I’ve also had a good look through her texts and found out that she lives with a guy she’s got a couple of kids with she’s playing around with more than a few other guys behind his back. So when she comes round I blackmail the bitch.

Skyler wanted the scene to be raw and nasty so I did my best to oblige, with lots of really hardcore face-fucking and cunt pounding. Check out her interview when she talks about her fantasy about being kidnapped, and also the way she talks calling herself really filthy, derogatory names in the second half of the scene.

The solo scene’s a corker as well, with her squirting for the very first time in her life, first from me fingering her, then from the wand (which was a first for PSS as well). And this week sees a little experiment we thought we’d try out filming the photo shoot (let us know what you think), which then runs into the quick fuck we sometimes do afterwards to get a second cumshot. Like last time, I cum on the bitch’s feet.


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Update 672
Skyler: whoops! too-deep deepthroat
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HD Video
Added: May 07, 2016 Duration: 5 min
Update 669
Skyler: smokes a fag, has a tinkle
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HD Video
Added: May 07, 2016 Duration: 1 min


Update 668
Skyler: photoshoot + spunking on feet
Type: Bonus Sex Scene HD Video
Added: May 07, 2016 Duration: 18 min
Update 667
Skyler: “That was something else!”
Type: Interview - After Fucking HD Video
Added: May 07, 2016 Duration: 8 min


Update 670
Skyler: perfect legs, perfect cunt
Type: Fuck Pics HQ Photos
Added: May 06, 2016 63 photos
Update 673
Skyler: No Way Out For Blackmailed Mum
Type: Fuck Vids HD Video
Added: May 05, 2016 Duration: 34 min


Update 666
Skyler: squirts for 1st time in her life
Type: Solo Vids HD Video
Added: May 04, 2016 Duration: 12 min
Update 665
Skyler: “I’m wet already...”
Type: Strip Pics HQ Photos
Added: May 03, 2016 86 photos


Update 664
Skyler: student orgies & abduction fantasies
Type: Interview - Before Fucking HD Video
Added: May 02, 2016 Duration: 27 min
Update 663
Introducing Skyler McKay
Type: Preview Trailer HD Video
Added: May 01, 2016 Duration: 1 min