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Welsh Rebel: A Weekend of Domestic Slavery

Another week, and yet another skanky slag who should know better, graces us with her useless presence. Let me introduce Welsh Rebel, who for everyone's benefit basically said yes to everything we threw at her sexually:

- Anal & vaginal fucking
- Physical domination & verbal abuse
- Orgasms
- Deepthroat & face-fucking
- Squirting
- Spanking
- Face-slapping
- Face-spitting
- Breath-play
- Masturbation
- Cumshots (both CIM & swallowing)

Welsh Rebel turned up the day before the shoot. She was working nearby on the Friday, miles from home, so I invited her to come round Saturday morning, sleep over, then we’d do our stuff first thing Sunday. What she wasn’t expecting was for me to turn the camcorder on within 20 minutes of her arriving and order her to strip down in front of it. Now this isn’t the kind of thing you’d do with any girl. Even girls you think might be game you’d err on the side of caution with so you don’t fuck anything up and piss them off and ruin the shoot. But this whore? No brainer.

I tell her I’m fucking off up to London for the day and she’s got to clean my flat up and film herself doing it. Pascal’s in the office, and he’s going to make sure she’s doing it right, then he’s going to fuck off too. (Doesn’t stop him having a play with her before he does though.) Then when I come back ten hours later she’s done a pretty sh*t job (and she really has, she had a whole day to clean it properly and she just spends it prancing around doing fuck all; I mean, what’s the point of a woman if she can’t clean?), so cue Sunday morning and she’s roped up to the hook and she gets put through the grinder basically. Pascal hauls her into the office to finish off the cleaning she should have done the day before, which is really just an excuse to fuck her in the window, then he drags her back to the lounge to properly massacre her. Mouth, cunt, arse, all of her useless holes. And of course, she loves it all, which, quite frankly, leaves a rather sour taste in my mouth because you’d think, after me being so nice and hospitable, to the extent of even sleeping on the fucking blow-up bed the night before, that she would have at least tried to put some effort into sprucing up my flat. But no. Sweet fuck all. So she can bugger off quite frankly and we’ll be seeing no more of her tits and arse very much.

Hope you can still manage to enjoy this tramp after what a pitiful cunt she was.



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Update 927
Welsh: over 200 caps!
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Welsh: multiple cums during photoshoot
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Update 925
Welsh: outtakes, incl rev cowslut at window
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Welsh: took more pain than she expected
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Welsh: slag has no shame
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Welsh: A Weekend Of Domestic Slavery
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Welsh: can’t stop wanking
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Welsh: will take on any cummers
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Update 919
Welsh: fancied Pascal for 20 years
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Introducing Welsh Rebel
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