So at the time of writing this we’ve put two of the five girls we shot in Vegas up on the site but this was actually the second we did and what an experience it was. Leya Falcon is gorgeous, sexually instatiable and mad as a fucking hatter. She happily admits it herself and wears it with pride.


But it wasn’t until we sat down with her to have a look at the intro trailer on the site and she squealed at how hot it was watching Pascal squeeze a cucumber all the way up Anita Vixen’s ass, and started wriggling around and imploring us to include something similar in her scene, that we began to take her at her word. We went to the supermarket to stock up on vegetables and flowers and rope (which alas we didn’t end up using) and an enema and Christ knows what else. And then we came back to the house and a jolly time was had by all.

But here’s the thing. That (and the fact she loves cosplay and she’s always dressing up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad) is only half the truth about Leya Falcon. There’s another side to her and it’s just as magnificent. We were sitting outside after shooting. I asked her if she lived on her own. No, she said, I live with my slave. Pause. Male or female? “Male.” What’s his name? “Slave.” Another pause and she burst out laughing. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed to go against everything she’d been during the day, basically playing the dumb (which she isn’t) little (which she certainly isn’t) submissive (which she is lots and lots) porno blonde.


Nope, back home she’s got her very own slave, ready and waiting to service her every need whether it’s physical, emotional or financial. It, as she refers to him, lives in its own space on the third floor of her castle. Which it bought for her about a year ago after approaching her online and deciding to relocate from Washington DC to Las Vegas, Nevada, to become her full-time slave. It works from home, has a ridiculously small penis apparently, and when she’s not giving out demanding orders to it she’s either busy fucking a new alpha cock she’s taken a shine to or simply petting her cat.

Pascal poked his head out the lounge to say that her money had been transferred into her account. Leya got up, bid us a cheerful goodbye, and left to drive back to her house in her gleaming red Cadillac. Which Slave had, of course, bought for her.

What was that about sex workers being exploited? Reign on, Leya Falcon.