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Shot Cat Collar

Boys and girls, we’re on a bit of a roll. We’ve shot six British girls since we came back from Prague in the middle of October and we’ve been hitting it out of the park with every single one of them. Coming up next week is Cat Collar and this is one SubSlut you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Check out that soaking-wet cunt in the pic where she’s holding her lips open. When was the last time you saw a woman this beautiful with a hole that wet? A picture speaks a thousand words and in the fuck photos that followed, and then the solo, and then the scene, that cunt just got wetter and wetter. Cat calls herself a slag, and for a sex addict who needs cock each and every day (and who goes down the pub to find it if the clock’s running low) that’s no word of a lie. By the time she’d hit 18 she’d fucked 1,000 guys. At 26, she’s been going to swinging clubs for years, on her own, and openly admits that she’s “the girl who’s always strapped to the bed with a blindfold on just getting used by everyone”. Oh yeah, and she was a catwalk model for Vivienne Westwood at 11 and a stripper at 13.

This is the magnificent, beautiful and mesmeric Cat Collar’s first porn scene and it’s at its very best – violent, degrading and merciless; giving the bitch everything she wanted and more; and presenting her in the throes of ecstatic orgasm again and again and again. Porn gold.

Shot Piggy Mouth


I love women who look like Piggy Mouth. It starts with the face. The eyes, the nose, the lips, the teeth. It takes no prisoners. Smart, sinful, imperious, devastating. It slaughters all before it. And then the body – the milky skin, the full pink tits, the mountainous ass. This woman was born to kill you with her cunt, slamming up and down on your cock, spitting in your eyes, biting chunks out of your neck till your cock and heart explode.


She’s also 34, which for a chap like me who likes his bitches to have a few years on the clock is as perfect as perfect gets. Imagine her seducing the school friend of her 16-year-old son (which is real life she doesn’t have), how she’d tease and terrify him, humiliating him as he tries to hide his boner, and how she’d make her move…


But this is PSS, friends. Piggy Mouth isn’t here to conquer. She’s not playing her bitch tricks with us, using, abusing and walking away. We couldn’t give a shit she’s a size queen. Piggy Mouth is here to learn. All those hundreds of cocks she’s fucked in the toilets and back alleys of fetish clubs (and she reckons she’s nudging on a thousand), they all point to one thing. She’s a trash whore. And there’s only one way to treat a trash whore – with brute force and utter disdain.


Before we started shooting, Piggy said she was a brat. Brat, bitch, whatever. She never got to show it in the scene. Pascal slapped and choked it out of her from the very first second, then he annihilated her throat and cunt with his dick. She got the message. Maybe her cunt cumming all the time helped to spell it out for her. The function of Piggy Mouth, and all those like her with their fleshy, dripping beauty, is to be used by cock, for the pleasure of cock. It’s never too old to learn, girls, and we’ll always be happy to educate.

The other side of Leya Falcon


So at the time of writing this we’ve put two of the five girls we shot in Vegas up on the site but this was actually the second we did and what an experience it was. Leya Falcon is gorgeous, sexually instatiable and mad as a fucking hatter. She happily admits it herself and wears it with pride.


But it wasn’t until we sat down with her to have a look at the intro trailer on the site and she squealed at how hot it was watching Pascal squeeze a cucumber all the way up Anita Vixen’s ass, and started wriggling around and imploring us to include something similar in her scene, that we began to take her at her word. We went to the supermarket to stock up on vegetables and flowers and rope (which alas we didn’t end up using) and an enema and Christ knows what else. And then we came back to the house and a jolly time was had by all.

But here’s the thing. That (and the fact she loves cosplay and she’s always dressing up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad) is only half the truth about Leya Falcon. There’s another side to her and it’s just as magnificent. We were sitting outside after shooting. I asked her if she lived on her own. No, she said, I live with my slave. Pause. Male or female? “Male.” What’s his name? “Slave.” Another pause and she burst out laughing. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed to go against everything she’d been during the day, basically playing the dumb (which she isn’t) little (which she certainly isn’t) submissive (which she is lots and lots) porno blonde.


Nope, back home she’s got her very own slave, ready and waiting to service her every need whether it’s physical, emotional or financial. It, as she refers to him, lives in its own space on the third floor of her castle. Which it bought for her about a year ago after approaching her online and deciding to relocate from Washington DC to Las Vegas, Nevada, to become her full-time slave. It works from home, has a ridiculously small penis apparently, and when she’s not giving out demanding orders to it she’s either busy fucking a new alpha cock she’s taken a shine to or simply petting her cat.

Pascal poked his head out the lounge to say that her money had been transferred into her account. Leya got up, bid us a cheerful goodbye, and left to drive back to her house in her gleaming red Cadillac. Which Slave had, of course, bought for her.

What was that about sex workers being exploited? Reign on, Leya Falcon.

Shot Vicki Powell


Vicki Powell is a face you may well know. She was big on the scene fifteen, sixteen years ago, pretty much as soon as she turned eighteen and she was pretty much fucking everywhere in porn. I shot her for Television X right at the start, in a corking episode of Planet Nadia, which it turns out (because she mentions it in her interview) was the very first time she fucked a girl. Pascal’s history with her is a lot more juicy – they basically screwed each other silly for months.


So getting her back in front of my camcorder, for PSS this time, was a happy reunion for all of us. And boy was it worth it! Of all the girls I’ve shot Vicki’s got to be the biggest nymphomaniac. She just turns into an animal. Catch her trailer this Sunday, guys, and enjoy!

Shot Georgie Lyall


Georgie Lyall is 33 and Scottish. She’s got looks to make you melt and a sex drive that needs constant attention. And she’s just discovered her sub side thanks to a boyfriend who’s happy to ram her day and night just so long as he can rough her up a few times in the process. She loving it!


And she loved coming all the way down from Loch Lomond where she lives, right on the water, to star in her very own PSS scene and find out what all that Dr P fuss is about. The good doctor gave her a right seeing-to, that’s for sure!


Check out all of Georgie’s sizzling uploads starting this Sunday, 21st January. This is one SubSlut you’re definitely not going to want to miss!

Dress sharp! On sale at the AVN Expo!

pss gear 1

pss gear 2

pss gear 3

We’re always getting asked where people can buy one (or two! or three!) of those really nifty T-shirts and sweatshirts that we get the girls to wear in the interview after the scene. Well now we can tell you – at booth 2416 at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Thursday 24th through Saturday 27th January, next week, in Las Vegas!!

On the front they’ve got our ‘Please misbehave responsibly’ line and on the back they’ve got our logo. Sweet, eh? And that’s not all – we’re going to be selling copies of all our DVDs as well! So make sure to drop by our little pop-up corner shop where if you’re lucky you might just bump into our two PSS stall attendants, the very-yummy-indeed Luna Rival and Alex Chance! See ya there!

Cum & meet our SubSluts at the AVN Expo!


We’re revving up for the AVN Expo next week in Las Vegas and we’ve got a couple of very fruity treats for you to enjoy if you fancy stopping by our stand Thursday through Saturday. One you’re very familiar with – Luna Rival! Yep, everyone’s favourite French porn slut (and perennial PSS superstar after she did that awesome shoot with us a couple of years back) will be attendance, smiling brightly, going “Oui! Oui! Oui!” a lot, and signing pretty much whatever you want her to sign (within reason).

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve got the delectable, fragrant and very-amply-bosomed Alex Chance manning the stand as well. Alex can’t wait to be a PascalsSubSlut and we’ve got her booked in for a shoot straight after the show ends so make sure you come along and meet her while she’s still in one piece!

Check out the times they’re going to be around from the graphics above and make a note of that booth number – it’s 2416, folks! We’re so excited about being there, it’s the first time we’ve attended the expo, so we’re really looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Don’t be shy now – come along and say hi!

US models wanted: Vegas trip, early Feb

Vegas pic

Are you an American lady-fan of PascalsSubSluts? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pillaged and plundered by the good doctor’s barbarian banana penis? And then found the reaction to your reverie to be one of having to sit down for a minute to catch your breath and pat your damp brow down with a tissue?

Well, if you live either in or somewhere reasonably close to Las Vegas then your dreams could come true because we’re coming over to Nevada in Jan/Feb 2018. We’ll be at the AVN expo (with our own stand no less) and then once that’s done we’re going to be hanging around to shoot smut with the natives. We’ve got five slots to fill from Monday 1st to Wednesday 7th February inclusive.

Tickle your fancy? Then please do get in touch, madam. Drop us a line at with a word or two about what you’re into and a couple of pics. The only requirements we need are that you’re over 18 (anything over 18, really) and that you’re properly committed to turning those incredibly naughty thoughts of yours into reality.

We look forward to hearing from you.

AVN & XBiz Awards 2018: PSS noms

Worthless front cover 2 Destroy Me 4 front cover

We’re going up in the world, boys and girls. PascalsSubSluts has been nominated in six categories in the AVN and XBiz Awards, both of which take place in the States in January. After our two wins at the recent UKAP Awards in London (Best Niche Website and Best-Selling DVD for SubSlut Grannies) we’re well chuffed.

The AVN noms are for:

• Best BDSM Movie (Worthless)

• Best Foreign Series (Destroy Me)

• Best Male Performer of the Year (Dr P)

And we’re up for the following at the XBiz Awards:

• Foreign Studio of the Year (PascalsSubSluts)

• Foreign Non-Feature Release of the Year (Destroy Me 4)

• Businesswoman of the Year (Laurel)

I’d like to give a big whoop for the last entry on that list. Laurel runs ARL Cash with her husband Raja over in California and if we hadn’t teamed up with these guys three years ago then there’s no way we would have been able to build PSS up into the successful series it is today, let alone get recognised by the industry in the way we have done with these nominations. And bows too to the other guys in the office. You’re all great.

But the nom’s for Laurel and it’s thoroughly deserved. It’s all well and good making a strong product (which is what we hope PSS is) but if you haven’t got someone onboard who knows how to push the marketing side of things then there’s not much point having a product at all. Thank you, Laurel.

I’m particularly proud of the XBiz nom for Foreign Studio of the Year. In fact I think it’s pretty crazy. Here’s who we’re up against:

• 21 Sextury

• abbywinters

• Harmony Films

• Immoral Productions

• Marc Dorcel

• Nacho Vidal Productions

• Private Media

• Rocco Siffredi Productions

• Viv Thomas

Li’l old us, up against all those Goliaths. And all out of a shabby little flat in Southend-on-Sea. Go figure.


New DVD! Big Girls Don’t Cry 2: Get A Grip

Big Girls 2

Just OK’d the box art for our latest release Big Girls Don’t Cry 2: Get A Grip. Loving the pink and that pic of Estella on the front, looking so yummy. It’ll be coming out in the States next month (June). If you live in the UK or Europe then your best bet is to pop across to Your Choice, who stock all our titles, and get it from there. If you want to stream it, or watch any of the scenes individually, then just head for Adult DVD Empire.