Month: May 2016

Shot Valentina Bianco on Sunday

Hi, all. Andy here. Bloke behind the camera, producer, editor, blah. And writer who can’t be arsed to be Pascal today. Good bloke, it’s just all that writing in a Belgian accent can get a little “ooof”. Speaking of which, on Sunday morning, the very day my penthouse in Chalkwell Bay was pretty much hosed down floor to ceiling by the very lovely you-sure-she’s-18-let-alone-14-actually-she’s-33 Valentina Bianco, I was moving a little slowly. Very late to bed the night before, I sat down with Mr White, who’d just woken me up by ringing the doorbell, at my computer, he at his, and tried to charge myself up a bit.
“Let’s put some music on,” Mr White said. “Good idea,” I said. Some Basement Jaxx would do me good, or some Chemical Brothers or some Rival Sons. Something FUNKY AND FUCKING LOUD to shift me into gear. “Ah, I love this, I haven’t heard it for ages,” Mr White said. Now coming from a man (and a surprisingly heterosexual one at that) whose favourite band of all time is Abba these are not necessarily comforting words. At the fingertips of such a man, Spotify can turn from being a gift into an assault weapon. And so it proved. No, not Barry White this time (who, in fairness, I love likewise), not the Bee Gees (ditto), not Claude Francois (er…). Nope, this one took the biscuit. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Demis Roussos. And not just Demis Roussos but, by the sound of it, Demis Roussos singing fucking Edelweiss. Outraged and all a-splutter, I sprang from my seat to wrestle control of the mouse and put something else on. Which, annoyingly, actually did the trick because by the time I got there I’d been so shocked out of my slumber that I didn’t need any block-rocking beats anymore. Like I said: “Ooof”.
I was still a little slow though when Valentina showed up an hour later but any trepidation at having to slog my way through five hours of hard graft (doesn’t happen often but it sure as hell could have happened on Sunday) was immediately and joyously extinguished by the fact that she was a very chatty lady. She didn’t stop and I absolutely loved her for it. And she was so easy to work with and happy through the whole day and I didn’t have to direct her during the photoshoot, she just snapped from one pose to the next and shone whenever I asked her to smile, and she was filthy as fuck and it was all such perfect bliss. Just what a Sunday should be. And a small price to pay for her hosing my flat down from floor to ceiling and leaving it stinking – but oh look I’ve just run out of space so you’ll have to wait till Sunday to find out all about that when we put her trailer up. And I’ll be Pascal again. Bisous!

Shot Molly Maracas on Sunday

Well this was a goodie. We snapped up the chance to shoot 52-year-old Molly Maracas when she got in touch to ask about a content-swap deal (which basically means she does a shoot with us and in return we do a shoot for her). She’s a pal of Amy, we’d done the same basic deal with her and she’d recommended us. Thing was, like Amy, she was a bit anxious about the whole sub-dom side of things. So, same as with Amy, we agreed that the scene would be very light. But the thing with Amy was that on the day of her first shoot she was actually up for a bit more than we expected (and then she surprised us even more the second time we shot her when she really got into the spanking – we definitely need to book that minx again to continue her education!).
And Molly actually turned out the same – if not more so. Andy asked her if she’d feel disappointed if we didn’t put the cuffs on her and truss her up from our new hook. She said she would be. Blimey! So that’s what we did. We gave her a spanking and got her to talk really dirty, then let her down so she could such me off and I could test her facefucking levels. No probs there! She could take a deep old pumping! Loved being a filthy old whore dribbling all her spit down on her titties. By the time I slid my cock into her snatch she was absolutely soaking.
It was a really good day and a really good shoot. Her interview was great. Andy’s got about 45 minutes’ footage from that. And the solo vid’s going to be a corker as well. Girl can talk, girl can cum, girl loves swallowing spunk. Hallelujah. Trailer on Sunday.
PSS_Molly_Maracas_photo_strip_006PSS_Molly_Maracas_photo_strip_011 PSS_Molly_Maracas_photo_strip_012 PSS_Molly_Maracas_photo_strip_035 PSS_Molly_Maracas_photo_strip_043