The tagline of our series, PascalsSubSluts, is ‘Real subs. Real sex. Real orgasms’. On a good day, and we have a few, the women we work with depart our company with big, exhausted grins on their faces. There’s nothing like having a great shag, fucking just the way you like it, and they’re pretty much as happy as you can get.

I can’t speak for any of these brilliant, brazen, beautiful women beyond the time we spent together on set. But we’ve shot over 250 scenes now for PSS and it’s only a matter of averages that, for some, the high of having a great time will all too soon have been replaced by something altogether darker. No-one deserves to suffer the kind of helpless agony that tips someone to try to take her own life. Nobody deserves to feel that alone.

Pineapple Support have given us the opportunity to extend the basic duty of care and respect that we try to show towards each and every performer we work with. Pineapple Support provides free emotional support 24/7 to people within the adult entertainment industry. They can reach out anonymously, anytime, to talk though whatever they may need to.

Pineapple has compiled a referral network of sex-positive therapists, which have been vetted by fellow sex workers for their experience within our line of work. Sex workers in need of these services can access them for free. They also have access to an online peer support group that offers courses to help people to work through sexual trauma, grief and loss, and other difficult issues that we as sex workers are all too familiar with.

It’s important and correct for us to support Pineapple in their superb work. It’s nice for girls to have a spring in their step after they’ve worked with us, but nicer still to think that we might be able to help the more vulnerable amongst them just a little bit more after a shoot wraps.

We encourage your support as well. Every cent of your donation will be spent ensuring that no adult performer ever feels as though they have nowhere to turn. It will help us guarantee that there will always be someone available to talk to, no matter the time of day. It will help pay for professional therapy for those performers who need it but cannot afford it. It will help us save lives.

You can also volunteer as an active listener. People with crisis and prevention experience are highly encouraged to apply. Information on how to apply or donate can be found at