Month: September 2016

Shot Ashley Rider


Yeah, she’s right fruity.


Scottish. Loves a sausage. Here soon.




Shot Nora Barcelona


Another one of those Iberian wenches. Couldn’t speak a word of English. Cunt shot through with love honey from the off, so it didn’t matter.


Lots of spanking – Nora’s a bit partial to a thwacked buttock. She had a little trouble getting her larynx to relax in the company of my pushy bell-end, but hey we’re bastards and we make nasty porn.


I’m writing this in the middle of the countryside in south-west France with the sun beginning to set behind the other side of the valley and it’s still fucking warm and a swimming pool awaits me not 20 yards away from where I type which I haven’t actually had the pleasure of today and I think it’s high-time I did. So I’m going to. Ashley’s update (see above) doesn’t stand a chance.