Boys and girls, we’re on a bit of a roll. We’ve shot six British girls since we came back from Prague in the middle of October and we’ve been hitting it out of the park with every single one of them. Coming up next week is Cat Collar and this is one SubSlut you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Check out that soaking-wet cunt in the pic where she’s holding her lips open. When was the last time you saw a woman this beautiful with a hole that wet? A picture speaks a thousand words and in the fuck photos that followed, and then the solo, and then the scene, that cunt just got wetter and wetter. Cat calls herself a slag, and for a sex addict who needs cock each and every day (and who goes down the pub to find it if the clock’s running low) that’s no word of a lie. By the time she’d hit 18 she’d fucked 1,000 guys. At 26, she’s been going to swinging clubs for years, on her own, and openly admits that she’s “the girl who’s always strapped to the bed with a blindfold on just getting used by everyone”. Oh yeah, and she was a catwalk model for Vivienne Westwood at 11 and a stripper at 13.

This is the magnificent, beautiful and mesmeric Cat Collar’s first porn scene and it’s at its very best – violent, degrading and merciless; giving the bitch everything she wanted and more; and presenting her in the throes of ecstatic orgasm again and again and again. Porn gold.