Month: October 2018

New DVD: “Breathless”

Check out our latest DVD “Breathless”; it’s our most shocking DVD to date. “Breathless” features our leading SubSluts with a breath-play fetish; they prefer to reach sexual climax through erotic asphyxiation.

“Breathless” stars Piggy Mouth, Arielle Aquinas, Madison Stuart and Rhiannon Ryder. The colorful and bratty Piggy Mouth has the tables turned as Pascal brings her to heel. Lovechild Arielle Aquainas is reunited with her long-lost daddy for a bit of taboo role-play. Shy girl Madison Stuart blossoms when she’s pushed beyond her limits. And skinny tart Rhiannon Ryder indulges a crush for Pascal at the end of a leash.

They’re a special breed of submissive where the tighter you grip, the harder they drip. You can enjoy the action in our members area, and hear our models talk about their breath play kinks in their interviews. Or you can purchase the DVD yourself here.

PSS Wins–AGAIN–at the 2018 UKAPs

PascalsSubSluts is having a banner year of big awards and growing recognition. We’ve received dozens of nominations and reaped awards for SHAFTA’s Best Male Performer, and XBIZ Europa’s Best Fetish Movie. And now we’ve won the 2018 UKAP for Fetish/Niche Site of the Year!

It goes without saying our site wouldn’t be much more than Andy and Pascal twiddling about the flat without our SubSluts. And a great many of them are having an amazing 2018 as well, taking home UKAPs of their own.

Georgie Lyall took top honors with Female Performer of the Year and the MVP award. Cherry English won Newcomer of the Year. And Lacey Starr won GILF of the Year. SubSluts Sophie Anderson, Rhiannon Ryder, Charlie Ten, Alessa Savage, Ava Austen and Rebecca Smythe all received honorable mentions.

Word is getting out, PSS is not only the roughest porn ever shot in the UK, it’s one of the UK’s very best! Cheers to the UKAPs and a massive thank you to our beloved SubSluts for helping us make 2018 our best year ever!