Month: July 2016

Shot Tasha Holz yesterday

P1370498 P1370561P1370678P1370756P1370769P1370857

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. These photos are presented in the order they were shot, before the fucking started. I address your attention to the fifth, which was the first position Tasha Holz was requested to adopt for her solo set, having stripped down, been branded, and posed with the good doctor. We don’t use lube on PascalsSubSluts.


This week’s SubSlut: Monica Bollocksy


Guys, just a quick mention about this week’s SubSlut Monica Bollocksy. She’s going to be a couple of days late going up on the site, for which big apologies. We’ve got half a dozen hugely-promising scenes lined up to shoot over the next three weeks, all fresh flesh, so as well as uploading some real stonker smut to the site we should be able to create more of a buffer of stuff to stop these niggling delays from happening.

You’re going to love Monica, she’s filth through and through – 42, married young, sexually repressed until she divorced six years ago, then met hubby no.2 who turned out to be a kinky bastard and who she started playing out all her sub fantasies with plus getting into swinging, making amateur smut etc etc. The pair of them agreed for us to go over to their place to shoot a cuckold scene with them and it’s a stonker – hard fucking, hard spanking, some of the most frenetic deepthroat facefucking we’ve shot in quite some time, and Monica calling me Daddy (which she does anyway with hubby) all the way through. Yep, this bitch is the works.

Regarding the pics I’ve attached, Monica’s not sporting wet-look hair out of choice. Time was running a bit tight after shooting the scene (one of those goodies that go on for longer than usual) so she had to turn herself round for the photoshoot pretty sharpish before her son came back from school at 4. Note how nicely she’d got herself prepared for us in the pic where she’s holding the PSS declaration up. Well, I totally fucking wrecked that look!