Month: August 2016

Orion Starr: up tomorrow

Orion Starr is this week’s SubSlut and her scene’s a scorcher. Just doing her trailer now. We’ll be up-to-date tomorrow.


I’m trying to catch up but we shot three girls last week and that got in the way a bit. We’re shooting again tomorrow and fans of gorgeous, blonde and very large-breasted grannies will be well pleased – yep, Lacey Starr’s back in front of our camera and this time she wants to do a bondage scene. Tasty.


I’ll put up teaser pics of our session with her on the blog when I get back, along with the outstanding (in more ways than one) retrobates from last week.

Shot Orion Starr today


I’m not a tat man. As a rule I just think the body is sufficiently unique from one person to the next, in all its shapes and sizes, for it not to need anything else done to it. But then maybe I’m just prejudiced because so many people have crap tats. Tats that, to me at least, diminish rather than embellish.


But when they’re done well, when there’s some vision and wit and artistry going on, then I can be swayed. And when they’re matched by female beauty and a knockout sense of style then yep, I’m signed up. Alexxa Vice had the package down to a T. And today we worked with another – the totally brilliant, couldn’t-praise-her-to-the-skies-high-enough Orion Starr. Shit, the whole mix – the tats, the studs, the braids, the colours, the body… boner-hard stuff, guys.


We nearly missed her. She’s American, lives in Long Island, and she’d been over in the UK for over a week with her man Eric (bare-knuckle fighter, doing some fights) before we realised she was. We got in touch straightaway, the pair of them very graciously took a trip to London for her to get tested, and bingo we were all set. And what a shoot. Orion’s hardcore, she’d seen our stuff and she wanted the deluxe treatment, the whole shebang.


Look at her again. (Not that you weren’t going to.) Look at how cute and dinky she is, look at those juicy hard nipples sticking out strong from those lovely little titties, look at her shaved crotch and imagine what her 22-year-old cunt would look like, legs spread, dripping wet (which it was), getting rammed real nasty by P’s cock (which it was). Imagine her getting trashed and degraded just like we trashed and degraded Alexxa and Misha. Because she was. And she had a total fucking ball.

Orion Starr’s the kind of gorgeous wonder-slut that makes you just love being a dirty old perv. Her shit’s up next week.

(And shout-out to Jay, who very kindly drove Orion and Eric all the way from Bournemouth to Chalkwell Bay and back again. Big thanks, mate.)

Coming soon (and thank you)

This week’s SubSlut is running late. Fucking models 😉 Her trailer and interview will be up tomorrow (Monday).

We’re working like buggery to get ahead of ourselves so we can get back to putting stuff up on time, guys, but it seems like just as soon as we’ve got a couple of scenes in the can (like we had a couple of weeks ago) we get hit by cancellations and slip back again. Should have been shooting a Dutch girl today but that went tits up, likewise last Monday with a milf called Scarla who we’re still hoping to reschedule.

But we persevere. We’ve got six – count ’em! six! – hotties booked in between now and the end of the month, it’s going to break our poor old bones but we shall prevail! As soon as we’ve shot them – the ones we do get to shoot! – I’ll be putting pics of them up here on the blog, so keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled.

And thanks again for your patience and support. Month on month, PSS is growing and we’re starting to get a real feeling of success here. It’s pretty damned great knowing the stuff you make is connecting with people, turning them on and getting them off, giving them the best value for a money a little old indie site like ours can. We aim to continue as we started.

Onwards and upwards!


Shot Princess Paris


Another winner. Princess Paris said she was orgasmic at the start of the day and the lady weren’t lying. She came in the solo vid (twice), she came during the photoshoot (three times, despite the fact that for a couple of them she was told not to) and Lord knows how many times she came during the scene itself.

Ah the scene. It’s been a while since we did a situation-based set-up and we might have, er, overextended our naughtiness with this one. It involves Ms Paris arriving on my doorstep proclaiming that she’s Pascal’s daughter from some tryst he had 24 years ago with some performer he met during a production in, uh-huh, Paris, and demanding to meet him for the very first time. She also says she wants to get into porn like her Daddy. Is she really a Mini P or is she imposter? All will be revealed. Or maybe it won’t be. But just take a look at that nose.

Luna! Nearly!

PSS_Luna_Rival_cap_W_scene_006 PSS_Luna_Rival_cap_W_scene_018PSS_Luna_Rival_cap_W_scene_022PSS_Luna_Rival_cap_W_scene_048PSS_Luna_Rival_cap_W_scene_052PSS_Luna_Rival_cap_W_scene_066

OK, guys, nearly there with Luna. I’ve uploaded all her stuff to the server. AK, our trusty webmaster, will be releasing all outstanding updates to the site later today, starting with Sunday’s trailer.

As a taster, here are some screenshots from the scene before I even started fucking her. Yep, this one’s well worth the wait.

Delays to this week’s girl


Guys, it’s going to take a couple of extra days getting this week’s girl up on the site, I’m sorry.

She’s 19, she’s French and she’s called Luna Rival, and there’s a write-up of our day shooting with her (plus pics) below. Her English wasn’t the best which meant we ended up speaking a fair bit of French to her and vice-versa. So as not to keep you completely in the dark, I’ve been translating everything we said and typing it up as subtitles and it’s taken fucking forever. (Don’t let that put your off her vids though, they’re totally awesome. Her scene alone is one hour long.)

I’m always crap at estimating the amount of time things are going take and I’ve really bodged this one. It’s 11pm as I write this, we’re out all day tomorrow in Poole in Dorset (just next-door to where we shot Miss Trixx a few weeks ago) shooting a cracking mature called Scala Swallows (pics on the blog when we get back), so it’s not going to be until Tuesday that I manage to catch up and put the trailer, interview and solo pics up. Thanks for your patience and apologies again.

We’ve got more Vice for you


Remember Alexxa? Sure you do. Couldn’t really forget, right? Well, you’re going to be seeing a bit more of her.

The day we shot one of the most stunning PascalsSubSluts ever to grace my world-famous green and gold carpet we had a plan. We were, at the time, having a bit of headache selling any of our PSS movies (the ones we put out on DVD) to the cable companies. Now usually this is pretty simple. You shoot some smut, you flog it to them. Except we’ve never liked to make things easy for ourselves, me and Dr P, and because of the gratuitously hard-boiled nature of some of our scenes (well, quite a fucking few of them really) the cable companies basically said no.

So why not, we thought, spend a bit more money on the girls to shoot a slightly softer version of their scenes for cable? No choking, slapping or spitting, no marks on the bum, perhaps a little less full-throttle face-fucking. And that’s what we did with Alexxa Vice. We shot the set-up to the scene, followed through with 20 or so minutes of cable content, then stopped. And out of that came a scene that, up until now, we haven’t published, albeit with the same beginning and end as the one we have published. And it’s just as stonking.

We’ll be putting it up as a Saturday extra over the next couple of weeks (or three).

And no, before you get too excited, we’re not going to start putting up second versions of all the scenes we’ve shot since. Because we haven’t done it again! Because we are lazy cunts and totally shit at making money!!

Shot Jess Scotland


Mmmm. Juiced-up, cock-hungry women in their 30s, eh? Fucking love ’em. And they don’t get more starved and lubricated than Jess Scotland who very generously schlepped her arse all way from Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the other end of the country down to Chalkwell Bay last week in order to shoot her very first porno with us.

Man, she was buzzing. In fact she had been for weeks, ever since we’d booked her in. Nervous though and the interview was bit stop start. So as soon as that was over, we decided to shoot a wholly gratuitous ten minutes of suck-’n’-fuck just to check out what we were working with. Got her down on her knees for some proper face-fucking, the ferocity of which took her back a bit but made her giggle as well as gag, then some fucking, during which she kept crying out things like “Faster!” and “Deeper!”, then back on her knees again to shut her up. Good, we’ve got a winner.

Next, she took her knickers off to do the solo vid and her cunt was proper soaking like we haven’t seen we shot Amy and she popped big-time. After that, we shot the photos and turned the camcorder on for the fuck pics – and the bitch actually came again within 30 seconds of my dick being in her.

And then time ran out because we lost the light. (I hate shooting in anything other than natural daylight.) She’d got to us a bit late but we weren’t too fussed because she’d been up at some godawful hour to drive down to us and P was shooting another scene with her the next day anyway for his (very vanilla) cable TV series, so we agreed for the pair of them to come back to my place after that and we’d shoot the fuck scene then. Except it never happened! They did indeed return but P was having problems with his back. He could do the scene but he probably wasn’t going to be able to do it – and Jess – full justice. And this bitch needed nothing less than the Belgian bonker at full force. So, regretfully, we called it a day. But all’s not lost, guys, because she’s coming back next week. Dr P’s been to see the chiropractor and he’s convalescing. Jess has apparently been frigging her dripping cunt furiously in frustration and can’t wait for the return visit. As soon as it’s done I’ll let you know.

Shot Luna Rival


What a hot! hot! hot! shoot we had with French pixie Luna Rival. You wouldn’t believe she’d spent 24 hours getting to us from her home in the South of France by train and coach because her flight went tits up. She arrived at Andy’s place at 7.30 on Sunday morning where he dutifully installed her in his bed to get some kip while he slept on the floor like the true gentleman he is (or street tramp, take your pick). Come lunchtime she couldn’t wait to get going.

Submission’s very much Luna’s thing, and in her interview she admitted to starting to watch sub-dom porn really young on her parents’ computer. But now she’s all grown-up and 19 (no, really) she doesn’t often get the chance to play around with it on shoots (Luna’s a top XXX star in France) because they’re all too vanilla, and her boyfriend’s one of those nice chaps who feels all bad inside being horrible to his girl in the sack, despite said girl’s protestations that she really really really wants him to be horrible to her. Well, Luna – we can remedy that!

To kick the scene off we strung her up by the neck to the ceiling hook with her kneeling on the floor, got her to watch herself in the mirror and played with that for a while, ordering her to push herself forwards and backwards as far as she could, tightening the rope around her throat (to the extent that it left marks on her skin) while her arse got spanked, her cute little cunt got diddled, all kinds of lovely stuff. All that before fucking the shit out of all of her three holes. Lots of squirting in this one as well, guys, because Luna’s one of those girls who gushes dead easy just by frotting her clit. Tremendous!

On a bum note, another reason we were super-excited to shoot with Luna on top of the fact that she was a gorgeous-looking 19-year-old-going-on-16 abuse-craving little fuck-slut was that she had a bush. Heaven sent, eh? Except when she turned up she didn’t, because her agent had told her to get rid of it for her trip to the UK where he told her it wouldn’t be appreciated. Enough to make you cry. But hell, guys, there’s still so much to look forward to with this shoot. You’re going to love Luna Rival.

Keeping it real

We have a tagline. ‘Real subs. Real sex. Real orgasms.’ We try our best. Sometimes we score ten of ten, sometimes we don’t. But the thing about that line is we try as best we’re able to, shooting 52 scenes a year, to publish stuff that’s not fake, that really shows women having a candidly chucklesome time being the sluts they love to be.

So in the spirit of this honesty, it’s time we fessed up about something. It’s no biggie and it’s been mentioned a couple of times before. Pascal doesn’t write the blurb on this website. It’s written like he does, but nope. Andy does. That’s me. Hi. And from now I’ll be doing it as me and not him. Not sure it warrants much of an apology (pretending it’s been him talking that is, as opposed to subjecting you to even greater amounts of verbage than the stuff I already blab on camera, which, I’ll grant you, actually does warrant one). But if we’re all about the truth, baby, then I just figured it was time we fixed this. And no, you can’t have a gold star for realising it all along.

Pascal is a man of action and few words. That’s the way the ladies love him, as do we. Next.