It was an honour to win Best Specialty Website at the recent XBIZ Awards in Berlin for the second year running, and I’d like to raise a toast to all the wonderful women who very graciously took off their clothes to get naughty in front of my camcorder over the last twelve months.

We’ve had our challenges. We ventured out to shoot in Vegas again in February only for the moratorium to hit us, so thanks to the US male talent who stepped into Pascal’s formidable shoes to keep the show on the road – so well in fact that we got one of those scenes nominated. Then later in the year our Fornicator-in-Chief crashed his bike, knocked a hole out of his shoulder and was laid low for weeks.

But he’s back now and we’re pumped up even more than we ever have been to produce the kind of porn we love making – shooting girls who love it rough and get it rough here at, and leave with a big happy grin on their face. We never fake anything, we never choreograph, we just let it rip and shoot the bitches cumming again and again.

It was our 250th scene the other week and you can bet we’re going to be around for another 250 and another 250 after that. We’re just dirty old bastards and the day PSS packs up shop will be the day one of us drops dead. We’re just going to get older and older while the SubSluts stay the age they are.

Hail the filth!
– Andy