Two things about SexyCleo, who came down to us from Leeds at the weekend – first, she’d been wanking every day about doing the shoot from the moment it was agreed; second, she was terrified when she turned up at the flat. This is always a good mix, ladies and gents, but one that we don’t often get dialled up to such a high level of amplification.


Cleo’s no innocent – she’s been an active member of FetLife for a few years – but she’d only shot one small-scale porn shoot before and the notoriety of PSS was getting to her. It created an erotic tension that didn’t really let up until the end of the day, the kind of tension of wanting and needing and getting it totally hardcore but then feeling that maybe things were tipping over the edge and needing to regain a bit of control and asking for things to pause. It happened a few times and we didn’t mind a bit because Cleo was so clearly having the most amazing time and she’d happily be right back in the thick of it the moment she gave the nod.


So stay tuned, guys. SexyCleo came six times in quick succession when she was riding P, her orgasms are beyond erotic, and she cries when she’s having incredible sex. SexyCleo is a goddess!