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Shot Cat Collar

Boys and girls, we’re on a bit of a roll. We’ve shot six British girls since we came back from Prague in the middle of October and we’ve been hitting it out of the park with every single one of them. Coming up next week is Cat Collar and this is one SubSlut you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Check out that soaking-wet cunt in the pic where she’s holding her lips open. When was the last time you saw a woman this beautiful with a hole that wet? A picture speaks a thousand words and in the fuck photos that followed, and then the solo, and then the scene, that cunt just got wetter and wetter. Cat calls herself a slag, and for a sex addict who needs cock each and every day (and who goes down the pub to find it if the clock’s running low) that’s no word of a lie. By the time she’d hit 18 she’d fucked 1,000 guys. At 26, she’s been going to swinging clubs for years, on her own, and openly admits that she’s “the girl who’s always strapped to the bed with a blindfold on just getting used by everyone”. Oh yeah, and she was a catwalk model for Vivienne Westwood at 11 and a stripper at 13.

This is the magnificent, beautiful and mesmeric Cat Collar’s first porn scene and it’s at its very best – violent, degrading and merciless; giving the bitch everything she wanted and more; and presenting her in the throes of ecstatic orgasm again and again and again. Porn gold.

New DVD: “Breathless”

Check out our latest DVD “Breathless”; it’s our most shocking DVD to date. “Breathless” features our leading SubSluts with a breath-play fetish; they prefer to reach sexual climax through erotic asphyxiation.

“Breathless” stars Piggy Mouth, Arielle Aquinas, Madison Stuart and Rhiannon Ryder. The colorful and bratty Piggy Mouth has the tables turned as Pascal brings her to heel. Lovechild Arielle Aquainas is reunited with her long-lost daddy for a bit of taboo role-play. Shy girl Madison Stuart blossoms when she’s pushed beyond her limits. And skinny tart Rhiannon Ryder indulges a crush for Pascal at the end of a leash.

They’re a special breed of submissive where the tighter you grip, the harder they drip. You can enjoy the action in our members area, and hear our models talk about their breath play kinks in their interviews. Or you can purchase the DVD yourself here.

PSS Wins–AGAIN–at the 2018 UKAPs

PascalsSubSluts is having a banner year of big awards and growing recognition. We’ve received dozens of nominations and reaped awards for SHAFTA’s Best Male Performer, and XBIZ Europa’s Best Fetish Movie. And now we’ve won the 2018 UKAP for Fetish/Niche Site of the Year!

It goes without saying our site wouldn’t be much more than Andy and Pascal twiddling about the flat without our SubSluts. And a great many of them are having an amazing 2018 as well, taking home UKAPs of their own.

Georgie Lyall took top honors with Female Performer of the Year and the MVP award. Cherry English won Newcomer of the Year. And Lacey Starr won GILF of the Year. SubSluts Sophie Anderson, Rhiannon Ryder, Charlie Ten, Alessa Savage, Ava Austen and Rebecca Smythe all received honorable mentions.

Word is getting out, PSS is not only the roughest porn ever shot in the UK, it’s one of the UK’s very best! Cheers to the UKAPs and a massive thank you to our beloved SubSluts for helping us make 2018 our best year ever!

PSS Wins at XBIZ Europas!!!

Big Girls Don't Cry 3 box coverAnd the award for Fetish Movie of the Year is… PASCALSSUBSLUTS!!! Forgive us for sounding a bit puffed-up, but we’ve won yet another award, at the 2018 XBIZ Europas.

This time, it was for “Big Girls Don’t Cry 3”. Big Girls 3 was a genuinely 5-star feature, all the scenes were as good as they could be, so it’s gratifying to win.

Front and centre to winning this award are the girls who starred in it. Estella, Kitty, Curvy Gal and Lily – you were fantastic. Your scenes blew the roof off. You were really turned on, you wanted to be filthy and just get fucked and used.

Stars like you are what makes the reality porn of PascalsSubsluts really fly. Thank you and respect!

We’re going to need a bigger trophy case.

Here’s some pics from the event. Some are a bit blurry, but you can thank the open bar for that!

PSS nominated for XBIZ Europa honors

Well, we’ve gone and done it again. PSS has racked up a few more nominations, this time from the XBIZ Europa Awards…

Fetish Site of the Year:
Fetish Movie of the Year: Big Girls Don’t Cry 3
Male Performer of the Year: Pascal White

This brings our tally up to 10 nominations for 2018, which is a rather decent haul for two depraved gentlemen working out of a humble flat above an old ladies’ boutique.

An while the accolades are nice and much appreciated, it’s even better to win these nominations. The XBIZ awards are decided by our peers in the industry. If you are so inclined, click over to and give us your nod. Our fetish site nom is under the Web & Technology section and the Fetish Movie and Performer noms are under Movies & Production.

And last, but not least, we’d like to congratulate our Subsluts who’ve also earned well-deserved Europa mentions. We certainly could not have done it without them…

Ava Austen (Clip Performer of the Year)
Amirah Adara (Female Performer of the Year)
Tina Kay (Female Performer of the Year)
Lucia Love (Best Sex Scene & Best Actress)
Carly Rae (Best Sex Scene)

Congratulations, Porn Peddlers!

A great big NICE ONE goes out to Pascal and the Porn Peddlers for completing the London-Surrey 100 last weekend! A 100mile bike ride can be hard on anyone, even hard-riding porn stars. Pascal did it in a respectable 7 hours 30 minutes (roughly the duration of filming two fuck scenes)! No doubt Pascal is walking around today like our Subsluts do after every shoot!

More importantly, the Porn Peddlers raised over £5,000 for the Terrence Higgins Trust, an amazing sex-positive charity dedicated to sexual health and HIV awareness. The money will help their incredible advocacy for people living with HIV. We are oh so proud of Pascal and his colleagues for raising money for this worthy cause.

Riding their asses off!

No, we’re not writing about our latest shoot, but about a good cause (and Pascal’s secret for staying in porn star form). Pascal and several other UK porn personalities have formed a cycling group called the “Porn Peddlers” and they’ll be riding the London-Surrey 100 cycling race this weekend. PascalsSubsluts has sponsored the outfit to help raise awareness of AIDS/HIV and sexual health for the sex-positive Terrence Higgins Trust.

Pascal will be riding alongside teammates Rebecca More, Tindra Frost and several other performers, producers and distributors to help raise money for this worthy cause. You can be a part of the ride by visiting the Porn Peddlers fund raising page here. Your support is greatly appreciated!





Congratulations to Pascal White, 2018’s SHAFTA Male Performer of the Year!

Last weekend, Pascal White was honored, once again, by the SHAFTA Awards as 2018’s Male Performer of the Year. This is his third SHAFTA honors in the field, and his sixth overall award as a performer since 2006, including a Paul Raymond Lifetime Achievement Award. So let’s raise a pint for the man. We certainly appreciate all his HARD work!

pascal shafta 2018

Many of our Subsluts also received acclaim for their fine work:

Estella Bathory won Best BBW…
Estella Bathory

Alessa Savage took the SHAFTA for Female Performer of the Year

Sophie Anderson won Best Starlet

PascalsSubsluts wishes these talented individuals all the success they deserve in the years to cum!

“Anal MILFs No Lube” Series on DVD

Submissive MILF lovers rejoice! The full ANAL MILFS NO LUBE series is out on DVD. The series features the best of our older subsluts getting absolutely nasty on camera. You may think no lube anal sex is a bit harsh, but that’s just how they like it, and it shows! You can own the debauchery over at Gamelink, courtesy of Exile Distribution.

Anal MILFs No Lube 4

Anal MILFs No Lube 4 front cover
Anal MILFs No Lube 4 back cover

Starring Jenna Joy, Sasha Steele, Jentina Small, and Nova Shields

Anal MILFs No Lube 3

Anal MILFs No Lube 3 front cover
Anal MILFs No Lube 3 back cover

Starring Rebecca Smyth, Sexy Cleo, Sexy Cleo, Classy Filth, and Ella Bella

Anal MILFs No Lube 2

Anal MILFs No Lube 2 front cover
Anal MILFs No Lube 2 back cover

Starring Jaiden West, Brittany Bardot, Olga Cabeva, and Montse Swinger

Anal MILFs No Lube 1

Anal MILFs No Lube 1 front cover
Anal MILFs No Lube 1 back cover

Starring Missy Kink, Layla Lixx, and Amber Rodgers

Shot Piggy Mouth


I love women who look like Piggy Mouth. It starts with the face. The eyes, the nose, the lips, the teeth. It takes no prisoners. Smart, sinful, imperious, devastating. It slaughters all before it. And then the body – the milky skin, the full pink tits, the mountainous ass. This woman was born to kill you with her cunt, slamming up and down on your cock, spitting in your eyes, biting chunks out of your neck till your cock and heart explode.


She’s also 34, which for a chap like me who likes his bitches to have a few years on the clock is as perfect as perfect gets. Imagine her seducing the school friend of her 16-year-old son (which is real life she doesn’t have), how she’d tease and terrify him, humiliating him as he tries to hide his boner, and how she’d make her move…


But this is PSS, friends. Piggy Mouth isn’t here to conquer. She’s not playing her bitch tricks with us, using, abusing and walking away. We couldn’t give a shit she’s a size queen. Piggy Mouth is here to learn. All those hundreds of cocks she’s fucked in the toilets and back alleys of fetish clubs (and she reckons she’s nudging on a thousand), they all point to one thing. She’s a trash whore. And there’s only one way to treat a trash whore – with brute force and utter disdain.


Before we started shooting, Piggy said she was a brat. Brat, bitch, whatever. She never got to show it in the scene. Pascal slapped and choked it out of her from the very first second, then he annihilated her throat and cunt with his dick. She got the message. Maybe her cunt cumming all the time helped to spell it out for her. The function of Piggy Mouth, and all those like her with their fleshy, dripping beauty, is to be used by cock, for the pleasure of cock. It’s never too old to learn, girls, and we’ll always be happy to educate.